Academic counseling for students is critical for their development in various institutions, yet it is usually a time-consuming task in academic life. A web-based academic advising system has been implemented to resolve issues between students and academic advisers by making advising more convenient, taking student complaints, evaluating and producing reports, and suggesting possible answers, which is different from the manual way of giving student advice to an automated way. This researcher examined existing practices used by numerous universities before implementing automated technologies to improve the overall advising experience. The paper provides an overview of the design and execution of a web-based automated e-Academic Advising System.




Academic advising or counseling is said to be crucial to a student’s academic success. Academic advising methods today vary greatly, and little is known about their productivity and effectiveness. With the rise in bad academic performance among students in today’s educational environment, a robust academic advising system is becoming more important than ever to improve students’ academy achievement and to support the current advise system targeted at productive and efficient learning. Academic advising is a critical component and activity of any educational institution. It offers students advice and guidance as they choose future career routes, academic disciplines, and other peer-pressured issues. Both students and academic advisors can benefit from an automated, accurate, and fully functional advising system.

The complicated nature of academic syllabuses, especially in light of recent changes in academic to general education and other degree requirements, makes it difficult for faculty advisers to stay current. Academic counseling is critical in developing an educational atmosphere that is conducive to academic institution students. Furthermore, faculty advisers find it challenging because the procedure is time intensive for them, especially given the dynamic nature of combining other school activities with counseling. Despite these obstacles, academic counselors make every effort to provide their students with accurate, up-to-date, and consistent advising information.

As a result of technological advancements, there is a need to improve the educational counseling system, and there is certainly a need to move even faster than the manual approach.


The current method of providing advice to students involves a lot of paperwork and documentation, which can lead to loss or damage. This traditional method relies heavily on the advisers’ efforts to provide the best advice and suggestions to help students improve their academic performance. Academic advising is time-consuming in major schools, and the only option to improve the way students are counseled is to establish an automated system that would make the process successful and efficient.

A computerized system is required to provide advise and immediate counseling to a huge number of pupils at the same time, on any given day. We outline a clever system in the research, and the system will aid.


The study’s main goal is to create an automated system that will provide Student Academic Advice, with the following goals:

a) Provide schools with an automated student academic counseling system to relieve the burden on school student advisers.


b) Provide real-time counseling and advice to students, wherever they are and at any time.


b) Assist in the fight against poor academic achievement among students.


d) Keep track of students’ complaints so they may be found quickly.


e) Prevent unauthorized workers from accessing submitted entries.


b) Create a secure system to protect crucial data from theft or loss.


The goal of the study is to create an automated, secure student academic advising system for tertiary institutions that, once completely implemented, will address the challenges of student record keeping, tracking complaints, and reporting, as well as improve students’ overall wellbeing.


A student is primarily a person enrolled in a school or other educational institution who attends courses in a course in order to master the material.

Automated: a system that is controlled electronically and operates without the need for constant input from a human operator.

Adviser: A person who has more and deeper knowledge in a given area is usually referred to as an adviser or advisor.

Academic: having to do with school or education.

Express disapproval or irritation about anything with a complaint.

Computerized means using or storing an electronic computer or computers to control, perform, process, or store (a system, operation, or information).

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