The computerized child abuse database management system is a project that aims to raise public awareness about child abuse issues. The automated system will keep track of all suspected child abuse instances by creating reports and assisting law enforcement agencies based on a variety of facts. The implementation of this computerized system will be critical for child welfare. The management system and data gathering tools will comply with federal reporting standards while also serving an organization’s information needs, assisting management choices, and assisting caseworkers’ contacts with children, youth, and families.




The rise in the The term “violence against young people” refers to any forms of violence directed towards people aged 0 to 18. Child maltreatment (i.e. sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, or physical assault) is the most common form of violence between parents or other authority figures. Although all genders (boys and girls) are equally vulnerable to physical assault and mental neglect and abuse, females are more vulnerable to sexual abuse or violence, which can result in unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Peer violence and intimate partner violence, as well as child abuse, become extremely unavoidable as young individuals between these age groups approach adolescence. Preventable measures can be put in place to prevent violence towards children. To prevent and respond to violence against children, society, health care providers, and other organizations must work together to systematically address risk and protective factors at all four levels of risk (individual, relationship, community, society). The World Health Assembly (May 2016) passed a resolution endorsing the first-ever WHO global plan of action on strengthening the role of the health system in a national multisectoral response to child neglect, interpersonal violence, particularly against girls and women, and violence against children. When fully deployed, the online child abuse database management system will be an application designed to go beyond addressing the effects of child abuse to identifying the fundamental cause and identifying measures to avoid it. It will keep track of all scheme-related data in a centralized database. This computerized system evaluates and generates complaints of physical and sexual abuse by abusive parents. The Child Abuse app will store important information about child abuse laws as well as information about children who are at risk. Misplacement of vital information or cases as a result of a large volume of work handled, duplicated or efforts due to inconsistency in activities, and a lot of time spent searching for files or reports when needed for processing are all challenges with proper documentation.


To improve its effectiveness, the existing system, which is a manual process, needs to be modified and replaced. There are numerous obstacles associated with the old and existing system. Due to the laborious process of registering and maintaining track of child abuse victims, the current system confronts several obstacles, which may include:

To preserve critical information, a lot of paper effort is required, which might lead to loss or damage.
Unauthorized users can quickly gain access to sensitive data.
The processing time is slow and lengthy, and data is frequently duplicated.
Manually maintaining many files of child abuse reports requires a lot of time and resources, and some of the data is erroneous and wrong.


The project’s main goal is to understand the current system’s issues, identify the important requirements, and explore how computerization of the system might help eliminate the manual-based system’s challenges, with the following objectives:

To provide a user-friendly database system for child abusers and victims.
To compile records of child maltreatment for convenient retrieval.
Unauthorized personnel should be denied access.
Contribute to the fight against child abuse in the United States.


This study is not limited to or within any organization; it was created with the goal of preventing and protecting children from abuse and neglect.


Child abuse and neglect are social issues that affect a large number of underage people, and something must be done to address them. To fight this problem, a computerized child abuse and neglect database management system is required. The conclusions of the study will assist law enforcement agencies, organizations, and other agencies in resolving concerns and obstacles related to the inability to preserve accurate records and reduce the loss of essential information or reported cases. Reduce the prevalence of child abuse across the country.


The computerized system will be able to calculate the number of children who have been abused in recent years, as well as keep complainant and offender data for simple retrieval. Because the system is a web-based application, it will require internet access to access the platform’s information.


A dependent person in the custody of a parent or guardian for the safety of his or her life is referred to as a child.
Abuse is defined as any intentional act by a person or group of people in society to inflict mental, physical, sexual, or emotional harm on a child.
Neglect: This mainly occurs when families fail to provide for their children’s basic needs, such as food, medical treatment, and being denied of basic necessities of life.
4. Violent behavior is the use of physical force to injure, harm, or kill someone or something.
WHO stands for the World Health Organization.
When you’re online, you’re connected to a computer or under the control of a computer.
Child Abuse: A child who has been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically.

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