With the rapid advancement of technology, a management system for the drive-training business is required. The efficiency of the driving school will be managed, and there will be less waste of human power and information resources. For the most part, the driving school’s management system will grow in order to deal with the activity in a more productive manner, efficiently discover information, store records in a more productive manner, and retrieve information more quickly. The driving school’s employees will be in charge of this framework. The educator and the understudy’ records are safe in the hands of this crew. The Driving School Information System will store all of the information related to the daily operation of the driving school center, including instructor records, schedules, and more.

Aside from that, the Driving School Management System will safeguard and organize all of the operation information, as well as provide a backup alternative. It can also make searching and retrieving data, as well as making changes to all recorded data, much easier for management.

HTML, CSS, and PHP development technology will be used to implement the software. The phases of requirement, system analysis, design, implementation, and system testing and maintenance are all included. At the conclusion of this project, it is hoped that the Driving School Management System will help to improve driving school operations and provide the best service possible.



The increasing advancement of information technology necessitates a bigger demand from the administration of drive-training schools. Effective administration of a driving-training school may greatly prevent the waste of human force and wealth, and the information resource of a driving-training school can be efficiently exploited. The management and sharing of the driving-training school’s manager, vehicle, and student become more and more vital as the share of human power and knowledge becomes deeper and weeper. The following are the main difficulties with the current management method. Drive-training school kids’ enrollment, health examination, and graduation information are all falsely managed. This is not only inefficient but also makes frequent mistakes with a large number of students, cars, and coaches, in the automatic distribution of vehicles to students and coaches to vehicles. As a result, resources cannot be allotted fairly and effectively, resulting in awkward human utilization, ambiguous administrative responsibilities, and so on. The driving school’s employees will be in charge of this application. The instructors and students’ records are the responsibility of the staff. The main issue with driving schools is that as the number of students’ records grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain all of the data organized in file systems. For example, data on prior pupils has been stored in files that fill half of the room for over 5 years of operation of the driving school, and there may be more years of data to come and all of the files must be kept. It’s hard for the driving training center to consider expanding its premises only to make place for all of the paperwork that have accumulated over the years. This method of storing sensitive information is not secure; keeping all of the data organized and secure so that only authorized personnel have easy access to it can cause further issues. Furthermore, if a fire breaks out or any other unanticipated occurrence or calamity occurs, all of the equipment will undoubtedly be destroyed. Even while new driving schools are using an online driving system to keep track of all of these records, it is still inefficient. Normally, the instructor of the driving school will contact their pupils to tell them of upcoming classes, exams, or other activities relating to driving instruction. This manual approach of telling students about driving lessons is no longer practicable because it requires a significant amount of time. The management system will not only save a significant amount of manpower and financial resources for the driving school, but it will also improve and prettify the information management of the driving school in a more efficient and effective manner.


We provide a novel solution technique for driving schools based on our research, which is divided into three phases:

Communicating with a large group of students at once. When a driving school has a big number of students at one time, it can be difficult to communicate with them about their driving class schedule or exam. When it comes to the issues that driving schools encounter, many face difficulties in connecting with their pupils, especially when the number of students exceeds the number of instructors available.
Monitoring the progress of students. Manually tracking pupils’ development may be difficult for personnel who are dealing with a large number of kids at once. Aside from that, professionals have a hard time remembering each student’s development. Especially when there isn’t a system in place to keep track of the development. Everything will be manual.


The main goal of this project is to create and deploy an online driving school administration system that will be beneficial to our driving school institutions.

The following are the goals that have been established:

To create a driving school administration system that uses web technology to present related information and save information about driving school pupils.
To keep track of information about driving school pupils, payment schedules, and other data that can be conveniently retrieved by driving school employees.


The project is designed to fix an online driving school management system for all students at AA Driving School, but it can also be applied in any other driving school institution by simply changing the program’s input design.


The aim of this project is on developing an online driving school administration system for AA driving school in Uyo.


Technology is a collection of techniques, skills, methods, and procedures utilized in the creation of goods and services, as well as the achievement of goals such as scientific research.

– Driving a motor vehicle, such as a car, a motorcycle, a truck, or a bus, is the controlled operation and movement of a motor vehicle.

– Information is what a certain arrangement or sequence of objects conveys or represents.

– Implement – a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment that serves a certain function.

– Institution: a non-profit organization with a religious, educational, professional, or social mission.

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