This study looks into how multinational corporations enter the Nigerian market and how they perform. The performance factor has been regarded as one of the major factors to explain the entry mode selection of multinational companies (MNCs) to the Nigerian market, and research on the entry mode of multinational companies (MNCs) to the Nigerian market has been one of the major topics in international business. MNCs can enter the Nigerian market through Franchising, Licensing Agreements, Exporting, Joint Ventures or Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, and Turnkey, due to the developing nature of the sector. This research examines the motives for entering the Nigerian market, the modalities of entry, the problems experienced by multinationals during entry, and the impact of the mode of entry on MNC performance in the Nigerian market.

The survey approach was used in this study, and the Questionnaire was used.

The findings of the first hypothesis reveal that MNCs enter the Nigerian market for a variety of reasons, each with its own set of organizational patterns. The second hypothesis stated that MNCs confront a variety of hurdles while entering the Nigerian market.

The third hypothesis was confirmed, suggesting that mode of entrance has a major impact on MNC performance in Nigerian markets.

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