The study examines the necessity of marketing research in a for-profit company organization. Coca-Cola Nigeria Plc, the subject of the study, does demonstrate that it has ingrained the culture of marketing research. The company’s employees is aware of the advantages of marketing research, according to general statistics from the data collected. The data also demonstrates that the corporation is currently conducting its own research without relying on government funding. The strategies were developed based on the results of market research. The study also recognized numerous research modalities. It was also taken into account that marketing research might be harmful in some circumstances.





The field of marketing has established itself as one that is changing over time. Its evolution from a straightforward transaction between two parties to a sophisticated system that is viewed as an organization’s success demonstrates this. Any firm must prioritize marketing since the scope of its product or service will have a significant impact on its success. For ages, marketing research has played a crucial role in corporate enterprise administration.

Although the industrial revolution hastened its development, marketing research has remained basic and unimportant across the years. It took the arrival of the technical revolution following World War II, which included a proliferation of new and innovative technologies, for it to become widely used as a substantial aspect of a firm’s marketing strategy and more sophisticated clients and goods, bigger economies of scale, new markets, and incentives for commercial operations to expand internationally. The expense of faulty divisions and an increase in the number of business failures are two effects of this post-war trend.

The administration of marketing assets has grown incredibly complex. The number and danger of marketing decisions have increased, while the consequences of blunders have increased. in an effort to improve the decision-making process for marketing and, in particular, to lower the risk involved. The necessity for market knowledge has increased, but thankfully, technological advancements have also benefited the field of marketing research by introducing effective tools for data storage and analysis, such as the computer.

The 1990s marked the beginning of the communication age, which forever altered the development of marketing. It observes the emergence of a new class of sophisticated consumers who are well-versed in the factors that shape the markets in which they operate

and they are demanded to be treated as one. This marketing today markets more competitive than ever before. The competitive nature of today’s markets makes the states even greater decisions have to be made effectively in order to eliminate or minimize the risk. Therefore, before decisions are formulated the right marketing strategies for his organization.

Information which in his case is basically marketing data will show the marketing managers all he needs to know about the markets, in order to make the most effective decision. The American Marketing Association defined marketing research as the systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data about the problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. The key words that distinguished research from accidental gathering of information based on observation are systematic. The systematic conduct of research requires two particular qualities. Orderliness in which case the measurement is accurate and the cross-section in fair.

Imparting is analysis and interpretations of the data required. Marketing research is all about assisting the manager in marking well information decision by providing him with accurate marketing information’s through a highly organized process of data collected analysis and interpretation. The coca-cola company is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturers, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages which is headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia the company is best known for its flagship product coca-cola, invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in Columbus Georgia it brand was brought in 1889 by Asa Giggs Candler (December 30 1851-march 12, 1929) who incorporated the coca-cola company in 1892.

Coca-cola currently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries or tritons. In terms of acquisition. Coca-cola has acquired so much in terms of its different branch. Since 1919 coca-cola has been a publicly traded company its stock is available from a direct purchase program through computer share trust company.

The industry’s struggle against higher taxes on sodas and other sweetened beverages is largely to blame for the increase in total lobbying spending in 2009, which nearly quadrupled from the previous year to 4.5 million. The Coca-Cola Company offers a variety of soft drink brands, including the 1941-introduced Fanta, Sprite, and several juice brands. The most popular soft drink in most nations is Coca-Cola, and the company also sponsors sports events.

Last but not least, Coca-Cola is a market research leader that has contributed to the company’s increased profitability. In order to combat the ignorance about marketing in the field of marketing in Nigeria, this research was started to build an awareness campaign and to enlighten marketing.


In order to achieve a successful profit, any business, regardless of size, must in some way engage in research or development efforts in every area of its operations. Due to the prevailing marketing environment, which must be properly examined and understood in order to make wise judgments in the long-term as well as the short-term, many organizations in Nigeria experience difficulties with their marketing efforts. Only when the marketing manager is well-informed about the existing marketing conditions and can, to some extent, forecast future changes in the markets, can marketing strategies be developed and put into action. This highlights the importance of marketing scenario analysis.


The era of unintentional profit is over. Marketing managers need to be aware of the market in which they work. Businesses must build their long-term strategies around contemporary marketing ideas or innovations in order to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive markets. The research and development activities of today determine the profit of tomorrow. The project intends to investigate the function and significance of marketing research in contemporary marketing.

The goal of the project is to help the marketing manager make decisions by demonstrating the relationship between the appropriate forms. The need for the study stems from the researcher’s belief that this can only be done through marketing research. Last but not least, it is our intention that this project will be or serve as support for the establishment of small and large scale retail and non-retail business.


For the study, the following linked questions have been developed.

1. Does a lack of understanding of the rewards available from marketing research affect its efficiency and profitability?
2. Does the profitability of business organizations suffer from inadequate financial support from the government and financial institutions for the performance of intense marketing research?
3. Can research and development efforts have an impact on an organization’s success?
4. Does time affect the profitability of marketing research?
5. Can the human aspect in marketing research exacerbate the issue of profitability in corporate structures?


According to Larry Kessinbeng (1974), marketing is a process by which a producer creates, offers a marketing mix (product, service, promotion, distributing, pricing, etc.) that satisfies consumers’ requirements within the confines of society.

Whereas Christopher (1971) defines marketing as the process by which a company aligns its own human, financial, and physical resources with the needs of consumers, Mazur (1969) sees marketing as a means of delivering a standard of life.

Marketing, according to Green and Tun (1978), is the methodical, unbiased search for, and analysis of, information pertinent to the identification and resolution of any problem in the field of marketing.

Marketing research, according to Luck and Robin (1989), is the systematic collection, recording, and analysis of facts regarding a topic relating to marketing of goods and services. (1988) define marketing research as, planned and organized effort together new facts and new knowledge to help make better market decision.


Profit defines as the excess of sales (revenue over production) (expenditure).

marketing of goods and services. (1988) define marketing research as, planned and organized effort together new facts and new knowledge to help make better market decision.


Profit defines as the excess of sales (revenue over production) (expenditure).

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