This research aims to look into Thomas Hobbes’ political philosophy and the concept of the Leviathan. Before we get into his social theory, it’s important to understand what was going on before he arrived.

In society, there was an issue with excessive use of power.

By using raw force and power, one may dominate in the sense that he could command others’ compliance. This resulted in human conflict and self-centeredness.

To get out of the aforementioned predicament, Hobbes proposed a common wealth or state as a platform for organizing human people, which he dubbed the Leviathan. The Leviathan was created with the intention of offering a mechanism for men to conquer the chaos in nature.


This study’s difficulty can be expressed as a question:

Is the Leviathan impervious to man’s egoism, which he was picked to guard against? Is it possible to reduce the chaos and conflict that exists in nature by establishing a shared wealth? How does the Leviathan plan to address the problem of behaviorism and egoistic and self-centered human nature in order to maintain a peaceful human society with law-abiding citizens? Will the sovereign’s ultimate power not lead to tyranny, authoritarianism, and abuse? Some of these issues are addressed in this project work.


The goal of this project is to examine the Leviathan concept critically. It also makes an attempt to provide solutions to the issues raised by Hobbes’ thesis. This work examines Hobbes’ concept of society and how human beings can coexist peacefully in one. We could wonder how people might evolve a peaceful system with clearly defined law and order.


This research is crucial because it stresses Hobbes’ vision of the leviathan in a broader sense. By proposing the Leviathan, he hopes to capture all aspects of existence in an attempt to restructure society into a better one. It will be attempted to study and apply his notion of the Leviathan in examining the perspective of human nature as egoistic and individualistic, and how such a human nature might evolve into a stable and successful civilization.


This project work critically investigates Hobbes’ social and political philosophy’s concept of the Leviathan. It investigates various concepts such as the state of nature, which led to Leviathan’s postulation. It enhances theory and knowledge by broadening the perspectives of different social contractarians in order to provide a more balanced perspective on our research issue.


This study examines Hobbes’ concept of the Leviathan using the critical analysis method. Archival materials, such as textbooks, encyclopedias, and internet sources, will be employed as research tools. This study use the critical approach to provide a systematic and comprehensive explanation of the Leviathan concept and the extent to which it can be a feasible choice for bringing order, peace, and collaboration to society.

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