Using the Lagos State Waterways Authority, this study was conducted to assess the usage of inland transportation and its impact on the Nigerian logistics system. To accomplish this goal, the study was guided by four research questions and three research hypotheses. The information was gathered from primary and secondary sources. The primary data was gathered using a well-structured two-section questionnaire distributed to Lagos State Waterways Authority workers and management. To assess the research topics, tables and basic percentages were employed, while the Chi-square statistical tool was used to test research hypotheses.

According to the findings, there is a strong link between the impact of transportation and logistics systems in Nigeria. The study concluded with the following recommendations: the government should encourage the formation of inland waterways companies to join a specialized shipping venture and combine their operations with coastal shipping within West Africa, and governments at all levels should be involved in the formulation and implementation of policies and measures that will effectively promote enhanced accessibility through increased road network development.

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