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The goal of this study is to evaluate accounting personnel at a number of small and medium-sized businesses in Edo State. One of the most crucial management functions is staffing. It is a component of human resource management that entails locating a sufficient number of people who will work for the company and selecting from among those who will be granted employment. In most major firms, the staffing function is housed in the human resource or personnel department. Finding and keeping good accounting employees is a product of active recruitment, thorough selection, effective training and motivation, and thoughtful management, rather than luck.

This could include manpower planning to balance the organization’s human resource needs with the labor supply available in the local and national markets.

Using a questionnaire to conduct a survey research method. It was discovered that the majority of SMEs in Edo State do not have a competent selection and recruitment process in place. This was mostly attributed to the reason that qualified accountants were too costly to keep; according to most respondents, the fees/salaries that trained accountants charge their companies are too high, and accounting records are too complicated to comprehend.

It was suggested that SME business owners conduct thorough job analyses to determine the number and types of personnel required. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to know.

Employees at all levels, not just new hires, should be able to participate in training and development programs. This will result in the organization’s work techniques improving, and objective job evaluation should constantly be known or stated to improve its efficacy.

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