Patients’ consent to participate in Medical Radiography education is sometimes taken for granted; as a result, formal consent is not usually requested during teaching, and patients are sometimes unaware that they will be utilized for teaching purposes. When patients come in for radiographic examinations, some radiography students aren’t even aware of their right to privacy. The goal of this study is to see how patients react to students participating in radiographic examinations. The data obtained from patients from the three university teaching hospitals in Enugu, namely UNTH, NOHE, and ESUTH (N=99), was statistically evaluated using a manual questionnaire adapted to the study’s aim. According to the findings, 22.2 percent of the patients were checked by student radiographers who were not supervised by a radiographer. In addition, 47.5 percent of respondents said they would be terrified of being inspected by unsupervised student radiographers, while 34.3 percent said they would be ashamed if they were evaluated by students of the opposite gender. This suggests that students should be closely supervised during patient radiography examinations and that patient privacy should be protected to avoid embarrassment.

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