Using Chico Transportation Company as a case study, this project aims to automate, or computerize, the passenger loading system. There is a pressing need to computerize (automate) the passenger loading system in our transportation companies, such as Chisco Transport Company. The computerization system or automated procedure assists the transportation company in knowing the exact amount of passengers who will be loading into the various buses without making any mistakes.

This project’s overarching goals include identifying the computer as an electronic device capable of facilitating passenger loading procedures in various transportation companies, as well as a simple analytical treatment using the computer to store, update, and retrieve passenger records as opposed to manual use of files and hands.

Additionally, computerization or automation of the passenger loading system would attempt to eliminate prior mistakes made using the manual technique, as a well-designed system would go a long way in assisting the transportation firm in loading up the people. Based on the present system, it is necessary to implement an effective, dependable, and quick way that would assist in decreasing the challenges that passengers confront in the park. The following are just a few of the many benefits associated with these automated systems.

A) IMPROVE ACCURACY- Once input is entered into the system, the new system will create precise and accurate output. This will eliminate the issue of work duplication.

B) IMPROVED DECISION MAKING- Because of the speed and quality of the communication link, it is also possible to make quick decisions and get information more quickly.

C) BETTER DOCUMENT MAINTENANCE- The new system can store and maintain a large number of passenger files or documents without taking up unneeded space, and any document or file may be accessed at any time.




Transportation is a crucial notion in human life since it ensures comfort and reduces stress levels in our daily lives. People nowadays require transportation to get to their various places. These transportation companies operate their transportation businesses using a manual manner. At the end of the day, these manual procedures or loading systems tend to cause conflict and/or increase the amount of conflict.

As a result of these conflicts and other issues, an automated passenger loading system must be implemented to promote and encourage these transportation companies, as well as to reduce the amount of work done manually, by providing a computer where each and every passenger who arrives goes straight to it and enters the necessary information. Information such as,

the name of the passenger Destination, address, and phone number, if available, sex, and load weight, and so on.

As a result, the computer specifies the Bus number, and the passenger proceeds to pay and sit in the computer-assigned seat. The automated system’s sole purpose is to replace the manual approach with an automated (i.e. computerized) way by designing software that will simply perform these tasks.


A lot of problems or unfavorable development emerges as a result of these manual approaches, hence an automated method is being developed to reduce these problems. Some of the problems that are involved in these automated loading approaches include:-

1) LACK OF FINANCE: It will need a lot of money to accomplish these automated passenger loading systems, and a lack of this money will prevent these projects from being completed effectively.

2) COMPUTER INDEPENDENCE KNOWLEDGE:- Any traveler who wishes to book on these automated loading systems must have a basic understanding of how to operate a computer. As a result, if you don’t know how to use a computer, you’ll have trouble registering for your trip.

3) PRICE INCREASE: Because the automated system is computer-based, a computer is required to operate it. And, in order to meet computer requirements, these tend to raise the transportation charge.

4) POWER FAILURE: Because the computer runs on light or electricity, it is susceptible to power outages. If this electricity is not available, the computer will not be able to perform its functions. As a result, power outages are another issue to consider.


The goal of this research is to supply and promote a higher degree of passenger loading by using a machine or computer instead of people, i.e. using a computer to control anything that will work without the need for a person to do it.

The study’s goal is to develop software for a personal computer that recognizes when a passenger enters the park. He goes to the computer and enters the following information.

The study’s goal is to develop software for a personal computer that recognizes when a passenger enters the park. He goes to the computer and enters the following information.


Names in their entirety

Phone number and address


Is there any loading? No or Yes

The computer has received various data and has displayed the bus number as well as the seat number to which the passenger will be assigned.


The study’s focus is on the passenger loading system using a transportation computer, similar to the one used by the Chisco Transportation Company.

These responsibilities range from building software that will carry out the operation with the content, as shown in 1.3.

In the scope of this study, I do not want to include a scratch card for fee payment because this would make the process difficult and time consuming for the passengers.

After paying the travel cost and explaining the movement and position of the numerous buses to the passengers, they usually come to a halt.


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