Content Analysis Of Cartoons In Nigerian Dailies.


This work has been content-analyzed. Cartoons in Nigerian newspapers. Its primary goal is to assess the effectiveness of cartoons as a communication tool. Due to the scarcity of literature in this area, this study will be a valuable asset to other researchers, as well as place the media house on the right pedestal to assess how well this potent weapon has been used. The cartoon focuses on one of two or more current events. The event that is focused on gains prominence and becomes the “agenda” for public debate (Okunna, 1999 p.42). As a result, agenda-setting theory serves as the theoretical framework for this study. A number of research questions centered on the frequency of feature, slant, type, origination, and subject-content of the cartoons guided the analyses. The findings regarding the frequency with which cartoons were featured were not entirely encouraging. This Day’s case was particularly concerning. On slant, a large percentage used derogatory language toward their subjects. The placement results revealed that many Nigerian dailies rarely place their cartoons on the front and back pages. Discovery also revealed that the subject matter was primarily social rather than political or economic. All cartons had been domesticated. The above findings made the strengths and weaknesses of cartooning in Nigeria abundantly clear. Balanced development was suggested as a means of improvement. The addition of cartooning as a course in the Mass Communication Department, as well as the organization of workshops by NUJ, will also help to pique the interest of many people.


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