An intercommunication system is simply the communication of two or more people who are not physically close to one another. This is not to say that telephones, fax machines, teleprinters, telegraphs, and other communication devices are not examples of intercom systems because they are used to communicate between people. In reality, intercom involves short-distance locations. It is restricted in electronic devices, offices, and hospitals.
The intercom system shown below is a three-way station. This means that a person at one station can communicate with another at his or her leisure. They draw another person’s attention by using a tone generated by a tone generator.
When you press a button, a tone is produced, and the same switch is thrown to the intercom circuit, allowing them to communicate.
This method to be used in addressing the issue of poor communication in our department. Furthermore, by adding a rotary switch, it can be extended to some other offices.



Electronic intercommunication is the process of exchanging information between people over relatively long distances using electronic systems linked together by communication cables, instrument cables, or satellite links. Intercommunication can be accomplished using a telephone system and an intercom system.
Intercommunication between all offices in the department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, is required to ensure the smooth operation of activities. Where information and ideas are exchanged between individuals simply by pressing a button. To achieve this type of situation, cost-effective electronic communication methods were considered.
As a result, the intercom system was chosen to connect the three offices mentioned earlier. specified. Other offices can be added/connected to the system as time goes on because there is room for expansion. One might wonder why the telephone system was not considered, given that it is another form of intercommunication. The telephone system is also better, but it is less appropriate because it requires a dedicated line from NITEL, which charges a monthly fee. The intercom system only uses the physical communication cables that connect the handsets. Furthermore, the telephone system necessitates the use of a PABX (Private Automatic Box Exchange) system for effective communication between the concerned telephone sets. The PABX is a high-capacity telephone switching system that connects incoming calls to the appropriate route or extension number. It handles both external and internal calls equally. The mobile phone A set or system is better suited to an entire educational complex or company. It is not appropriate to use the telephone to connect a few offices because it underutilizes the capacity of the PABX, which is designed to handle high capacity lines. In terms of cost, the 3-way intercom units are less expensive to build when compared to the cost of purchasing a PABX system, including design and construction.
By implementing the 3-way intercom, it is hoped that an efficient communication device or communication link between the offices will be established.


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