This project report is a thesis prepared expressly to address the design, construction, testing, and packaging of a multipurpose security system made of readily available electric components.
The following units and stages of the alarm system are discussed in the report: a) Clock generating and frequency division unit.
b) A one-shot 555 timer multiplexer, sound amplifier, and latch make up the control and section unit.
c) The fire and burgler sensors, as well as the priority encoder, make up the detection and switching unit.
d) The output unit, which includes the visual and audio systems.

My own project, on the other hand, is meant to detect human contact, burglary operation, and fire, and to provide the appropriate alarms and signals.
Multipurpose security system is an electronic gadget that detects human shadow, human touch, and fire and alerts security-men through an alarm while also displaying the specific room or area in which the target was hit in a situation where there is a need to monitor the movement of people in a confidential building or restricted area or to alert security-men in the case of a fire outbreak.
The multi-purpose security system detects human shadows with a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), human touch with a touch switch, and fire with a thermistor.
The circuit is encased in this manner.


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