An automatic three-phase selector switch replaces a three-phase manual changeover cut fuse from one cut out to another. Automation 3 phase selector switch has three phases from PHCN as input but only one output that supplies current to the load. The device monitors the voltage supply of each phase (Red, Yellow, and Blue) and when there is a power failure in one phase, it will automatically switch to another where there is a voltage supply. It also monitors the amount of voltage in each phase and selects the voltage that is higher than the others and gives it out as a single phase power supply. Automatic three-phase selector switches help to reduce the stress of operating a changeover switch from one phase to another. manually from one phase to another, as well as the risk of being electrocuted.



1.0                            BACKGROUND OF THE SEMINAR

Initially, a three-phase voltage selector system was created manually, with a time-consuming and inconvenient operation process. The appeal of an automatic 3-phase voltage selector system stems from the fact that technological advancement has enabled us to reduce costs, hard labor, and wasted time while also improving the reliability of our electrical and electronic systems. As a result, using an electromechanical switching system based on the solenoid principle, a system has been designed in which electromechanical devices such as a relay and contactor are arranged to automatically switch from one phase to another without human intervention. Because switching is done automatically and without time delay, this design is highly efficient and precise in its performance. The 3-phase automatic voltage selector system employs dependable electrical/electronic components.

Relay transformers, contactors, diode capacitors, resistors, and other switching components are examples of switching components.

This device operates in such a way that when any of the lines fails, resulting in no output voltage, it automatically switches to another phase with no time delay. This project is suitable for use in residences, factories, corporate offices, and commercial business centers. This system also sends the most power to the load.


The following is the research’s objective and goal:

I. To automatically select a voltage that is present in the power line.

II. To avoid stress and inconvenience in the selection of phase voltage.

III. To construct a system capable of selecting any voltage that appears to be of high potential among other voltages.


The following obstacles were encountered during this research project:

Financial Difficulties

Material/component costs are exorbitant.

Misunderstanding in a research group

Physical adversity

Error in calculation

The difficulties encountered during this research project are as follows:

Financial disasters

High material/component cost

Misunderstandings in research groups

Physics tension


Financial Crises: Financial crises will also contribute to the problem encountered on this research work, as money will not be available to purchase all of the components and materials required to construct this project due to human desire.

High material/component cost: Based on high material/component cost.

It can also be a reason for a student not to start this project; instead, it will look for one where the material is scarce.

Misconceptions in research groups: In any group of people or organization, there are

There must be a disagreement between them. This is another issue that could stymie this research project.

Physical stress: Due to time, opportunity, and physical fitness, not everyone has the opportunity or physical stress to embark on this project.

Miscalculation: A mathematical error can cause a problem in a group based on a financial issue.


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