The waterfall approach was used to successfully develop the biometric based attendance system, which was bound by our scope and objectives, with the support of my supervisor and expert counsel. The ATMega1284p microcontroller was used to drive a handheld device, and the program for the microcontroller was developed in embedded programming. An application software (that saves attendance in a database) that was created in atom editor with the Python 3 programming language and MySQL as the database management system. It was a difficult project, but we hope it will improve the standard of teaching in not just electronics and computer engineering, but also at numerous universities for properly maintained and utilized equipment.




The contemporary attendance system in institutions has failed to meet its main goal, which was to ensure that accurate statistics of students who attended class could be taken. The ability for a student to sign in for another student is one of the key reasons for its failure. Many educational institutions are attempting to develop precise, safe, and dependable strategies for securing access to their present services or operations. An attendance system based on fingerprints is a solution to these issues.

Biometrics comprises methods for analyzing physical and behavioral identities to extract unique features for identification or monitoring reasons, particularly in information technology. Biometrics allows users to gain safe access to critical services without having to carry a token, card, or remember multiple passwords. Biometric techniques also reduce the risk of lost, forgotten, or copied passwords, stolen tokens, or over the shoulder attacks. However, despite all of these obvious benefits, there is still one major reason why it has not been implemented in many organizations: the biometric technique is expensive, and the level of standardization varies within systems, numerous health hazards, the need for specialist analytical software, and the availability of machines with the c-sensor. Fingerprint identification is one of the most well-known and widely used biometric identification systems. Fingerprints have been used for identification because of their uniqueness and constancy through time.

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