The industrial batch counter is an electronic and electrical equipment that counts and controls the movement of people through an automatic slide door that only opens when the administrator approves it. A basic sensor unit is used in the design, which opens and closes the door when someone blocks the light passage. These variables can be used to determine whether or not someone has entered or exited the conference room (for instance). The light sensing kind involves using photon or optical devices to monitor the unit. This consists of the encoder (energy source or transmission channel) and the decoder (receiver unit that converts the light intensity to electrical signal). A extremely useful item called an opto-coupler or opto-isolator is formed when an LED emitter is paired with a photo detector (Light Dependent Resistor, photo transistor, or infrared detecting diode) in close proximity. When the opto coupler is blocked, the door opens, and the display depicts a rise or fall in the number of people in the room (depending on the path followed).

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