Background of the Study

National security is a precondition for a country’s economic growth and development. This is because tranquil societies attract global investors, while domestic investors are free to conduct their businesses with little or no conflicts or concerns. Nigeria’s deteriorating security situation is concerning. Nigeria has recently experienced unparalleled levels of insecurity, including intracommunal, intercommunal, and interethnic conflict; religious violence; armed robbery; assassination, kidnapping, and the “boko haram” insurgency (Mutiullah cited in Abubakar, 2011). Insecurity in Nigeria is causing developmental issues such as endemic poverty, high unemployment, institutionalized corruption, low industrial output, an unstable and deteriorating exchange rate, high inflation, insufficient physical and social infrastructure, a large domestic debt, and a rising external debt profile (Ewetan, 2013).  These issues have posed serious dangers to the country’s socioeconomic development, as they hinder commercial and economic activity and discourage both domestic and foreign investors (Ewetan & Urhie, 2014).

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