The main purpose of this survey was to examine UNILAG students’ perceptions of social media as a marketing tool.
This is a review from Facebook. Companies promote their products and services on social media, especially Facebook, and we know that many students love their products and services. The respondent admitted to liking, sharing, commenting on, and viewing social media ads, as well as navigating her website of the sponsor. The challenges social media users face in patronizing products and services online stem from fraud, bad browsing data, and the fear of services that linger on social media and blogs. The study design of the survey was adopted using a data collection questionnaire. 200 respondents were sampled from among the students using random sampling (a goal-oriented sampling technique) to select respondents. However, of the 200 copies of his questionnaire that were published, 189 copies on which the analysis was based were repeated. The data analyzed used frequencies and percentages from the table. It is recommended that businesses and individuals should monitor websites that may be using their name and his websites related to people who have been scammed online. Every effort should be made to minimize fraud so that people, especially Internet users, can shop online and receive goods and services with confidence.


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