The microcontroller smoke detector is a system designed to provide security in areas that require high accuracy in fire prevention, such as industries, commercial buildings, and even residential homes.

The main component of this project is an 89s52 microprocessor. This microprocessor is the project’s central processing unit; it is designed and functions as a microchip, which is also known as a logic chip. The microprocessor IC stores programs and has various types of memory, such as on-chip memory, which holds the actual program to be run, and has a memory capacity of 8 kilobytes. The programs are burned into it as ROM or EPROM, but they can also be stored on an external ROM.

Whenever the When the detector detects the presence of smoke, which casts a dark shadow, it alerts the microcontroller, which is the C.P.U, causing an alarm and similarly retrieving and executing stored programs by causing the light emitting Diode to display a noticeable character for any security officer, in order to find any quick and immediate solution.




There have been cases of fire outbreaks in our commercial buildings, domestic houses, and industries over the last decade. Possible causes of a fire outbreak include faulty electrical installations, negligence over faulty maintenance, and a lack of oventations on the day of the outbreak. The reason why fire can always engulf our home or industry is because of a poor security system or a bad (faulty) fire security system. In light of all of this, it is critical that we include a smoke detector in our security system, which I recommend should also work in tandem with a microcontroller display unit.

This project design is simple in that it uses a visible write-up on the screen along with an alarm that sounds at the same time.

Notify the security officer of the presence of smoke, which must be extinguished before a fire outbreak occurs, whether from any electrical equipment, connection, or burning material. The 89s5$ microprocessor, crystal oscillator, electronic switches, light emitting diodes, IC decoders, and sensor are the main components used in this design. Another common and easily accessible component, the transformer, is critical for power supply.

The microprocessor is the project’s central processing unit. It aids in retrieving, programming from memory, and carrying out the action.

The information in the program is displayed on a dot matrix display made of light emitting diode (LED). The information display is in a form that can be understood by the uses


For a security system that includes various alarm outfits and security detective devices. These devices may detect various faults depending on their function and may also generate an alarm to alert security personnel. However, the simultaneous alarm alert may result in Unisome and Chios attempting to differentiate between sound differences and the type of fault detected.

This conundrum resulted in the use of a microcontroller in conjunction with a smoke detector. To achieve this goal, a screen display is being designed and built with the help of this new development. The display on the screen allows security personnel to quickly determine which detectors are alerting him or her and which detected faults require immediate attention.


A microcontroller smoke detector is designed and built in four major sections: the regulated power supply, the control section, the display section, and the smoke detector unit.

1.2.1 A regulated power supply was used to power the circuit; it was regulated because digital integrated circuits (ICs) were used in the circuit, and these ICs operate on a regulated power supply.

1.2.2 The processor involved in this design was in charge of the control section. The 89s52 microprocessor and crystal oscillator are included. The 89s52 controls the Rom and other components surrounding it. The 89s52 uses the crystal to synchronize its operation.

1.2.3 The dot matrix display was the screen that we used in this project.

This system consists of arranging LEDs in rows and columns while taking cathode and anode connections into account in order to achieve organized display of character as programs are decoded by decade IC’s and forms character on the screen.

1.2.4 Smoke detection is critical because it acts as a switch for the entire system. It detects smoke using the LDR light dependent resistor and the LM324 IC comparator to start the microcontroller booting up and executing its programs.


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