Media are those channels of information, radio, TV Newspaper, magazine and journals, which can make the same message available to a cross section of people spite their distance from the source of the message

Just as the nervous system receives, processes and interprets stimuli reaching the body, in order to achieve the needs, organize and correlate the activities of the body, the media industry today collects information from a wide diversity of sources and places in the globe, processes and reports back to people located in an equally wide diversity of places in the Diaspora in an effort to bind parts of society together in their interactions and interdependency moves. McLuhan’s postulations attracted widespread reactions, though. One such reaction says the theory is at the very least technological over-determinism. Thus critics believe the concentration on the differences between media could undermine class examination of various types of messages in the same medium or similar messages, across media.

Nevertheless, the extent to which media have gone in making the work smaller and more interactive is obviously lucid. These media influences have become so ubiquitous that today’s communications industry talks about global neighborhood families. Regardless of what radio and television say, the format—reaching a disparate audience and being broadcast at the same time—encourages indescribable world relationships. During the world football and Olympic events, at least half of the world is focused on his one topic: sports encounters between nations. The media therefore determine their agendas, interests and aspirations.

It therefore includes systems encompassing religious scholars, diasporic states in which people live and work according to predetermined social, economic and political goals, regardless of ethnic nationality, language, race, geography, etc. Communication is also used to express interaction.

On the other hand, many factors have been revealed to be media challenges, but it’s disappointing that management can get to the heart of media issues and perspectives. Ownership influences the direction of media activity. No media attempts to create anything that contradicts both management intent and ownership structure.

1.2 Description of the research question

Governments and individuals have always claimed that interference in the activities of the media, failure to follow the policies of their owners, has always led to immediate dismissal of journalists from their jobs. This study aims to address the prospects and challenges of media management in Nigeria.

1.3 Purpose of the survey

The purpose of this study is to present the prospects and challenges of media management in Nigeria (Study by Vanguard Newspapers of Nigeria and Federal Radio). The purpose of this research is to:

1. Vanguard Newspaper and a study of the problems facing the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria

2. How do I know if ownership affects effective media management? 3. How do you determine how your organizational structure affects your organization’s effective performance?

4. How to identify the main source of income for Vanguard Newspaper and the Nigerian Federal Broadcasting Corporation?

1.4 Importance of research

This study is arguably unique in that it focuses on the perspectives and challenges of media management in Nigeria. Since the research focuses on Vanguard newspapers and the Federal Radio Company of Nigeria, this obviously makes the project very easy to understand.

However, its simplistic approach or analytical research allows researchers, and more importantly those on the front lines, to gain insight into the power of media and the challenges they face in the process of news delivery.

As an academic work subject to academic scrutiny in the sense of empirical analysis, it aims to advance academic knowledge for the benefit of researchers and outstanding students. Moreover, it is very useful as a reference for those who want to delve into similar topics. 1.5

1.5 Research question

These are exciting questions for solving research topics. With that in mind, the research questions of this study are highlighted below.

1. Does ownership affect effective media management?

2. What are the issues facing the Vanguard Newspaper and the Federal Broadcasting Authority of Nigeria? 3. How does the organizational structure affect the effective performance of the organization?

4. What is the primary source of income for Vanguard Newspaper and the Federal Broadcasting Authority of Nigeria?


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