Background of the Study

The basic purpose of every organization, whether for profit or not, is to fulfill its goal. The objectives cannot be met in a vacuum; management must follow a well defined strategy to attain them. In every corporation, whether it is a telecommunications firm or another, sales promotion has become an important motivating component in the marketing department.

Sales promotion is a strategy used by businesses to promote and boost product or service sales, usage, or trial (Aderemi, 2003). The providing of incentives to customers or the distribution channel to generate demand for a product is referred to as sales promotion. It’s a crucial part of a company’s entire marketing strategy, along with.

The subsets of marketing tools that are predominantly communicational in nature make up the marketing communication mix. They are promotional instruments, which are made up of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity, and are one of the controllable factors of the 4ps of marketing promotional mix. The sales promotion is a component of the promotional mix that is rapidly gaining traction in numerous industries, particularly in Nigeria’s brewery business. In manufacturing, it is not enough to simply manufacture and hope that buyers will become aware of such products, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

The goal of the study is to determine the extent to which Telecommunication consumers and customers are reliant on sales promotions, as well as their importance.

Statement of the Problem

To preserve the company’s economic sustainability, service providers such as telecom carriers must supply goods or services that meet client wants and expectations. In Port Harcourt, fierce competition among telecommunication networks has resulted in the use of a variety of marketing methods and approaches to gain a significant portion of the market. These networks have made extensive use of sales advertising in order to outperform their competitors. Meanwhile, Sales Promotion, which is a key component of marketing campaigns and consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, is typically short-term and designed to encourage consumers to purchase specific products or services faster or more frequently, but it is perceived as lacking the capacity.

Purpose of Study

The study’s overall goal is to determine sales promotion strategies and performance in telecommunication companies. The following are the study’s main goals:

1. To investigate the relationship between price reduction and sales performance in Port Harcourt telecommunication enterprises.

2. To investigate the link between coupons and sales performance in Port Harcourt telecommunication companies.

3 To see how much sample size affects sales success in telecommunications companies in Port Harcourt.

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