In the social welfare services department of Oko Federal Prison in Benin City, Edo State, this study critically examines inmate and worker welfare as it relates to or influences job satisfaction. The study’s drive comes from the awareness that social welfare programs improve convicts’ and workers’ conditions while in jail custody. A total of 120 people were recruited for the study, including all ranks and ranks of prison uniform employees who are the inmates’ guardians. Both sexes were represented in the sample. The selection of people was done with care, resulting in a cross-sectional representation. The respondents were asked to tick (x) in the place that corresponded to their opinions on the items in the questionnaire.

The initiative was also approved by the project supervisor from the Department of Adult Education, as well as two other authorities from the Oko Federal Prison in Benin City, Edo State. To evaluate the instrument’s dependability, a pilot test was conducted with uniformed members of social welfare and prison officers in charge. The interview was performed with the assistance of certain senior welfare officers, prison officers, inmates and the general public, as well as the researcher. The data was analyzed using simple percentage calculations, and the following conclusions were reached.

1. The welfare services provided by the Oko Federal Prison in Benin were superb.


2. The offenders are able to receive enough corrective training and are able to make the best decisions possible.

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