This project is an in-depth study of the impact of community banking on Nigeria’s economic development and is a case study by Ohha Community Bank Nippon Ltd. No.1 Ojiro Enugu. In conducting a research study on the performance of community banks, stocks that have contributed to Nigeria’s economic development have been identified and properly valued, especially in relation to underlying development. It also identified and evaluated various actions taken by the management of these community banks and made suggestions on how they could be improved to contribute to the return on investment and the economic well-being of the country.
Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources to facilitate the work. presented to test the development hypothesis against estimated population means. As part of the analysis conducted, it was found that community banks face a number of problems. The main reasons for this are the inability to function well in some places, lack of infrastructure, lack of sufficient funding, lack of skilled labor, and government bans. National Commission for Communities = Acquiring banks from outsiders and hindering their rate of expansion.

The study recommended that the government order the National Board of Community Banks to allow these communities to expand and take credit outside their community base. It is also recommended to ask the government to organize an intensive training program for community banks. This helps these banks to attract qualified staff.


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