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This country has seen a rapid increase in the number of towns and cities in recent years. This progress has been accompanied by ever-increasing physical, social, and technological developments, as well as a complex urban pattern.

This rapid development, together with the sweeping consequences it has on the initial village and town, has always resulted in some land use congestion. Within and around the place under question, there are a variety of personal and political pressures. Owerri became the capital of the newly formed Imo State in 1976. The original settlement, which was more or less residential / agricultural sections, was quickly overtaken by Owerri’s fast growing development.


Because there has been a series of criticisms against the manner in which land was allocated to people in Owerri Urban, the main problem of this study was to examine and evaluate the physical, social, and economic effects of land use activities in their current location in Owerri Urban and recommend solutions to the problems identified.


This study intended to identify the current land use situation in Owerri City, as well as the implications and outcomes of prior development programs and their consequences. This will serve as the foundation for developing more effective and efficient planning programs for the region. The following are the goals:

1. To assess the benefits and drawbacks of various allocation strategies.

2. To determine the procedure’s accomplishments and shortcomings.

3. Make recommendations for ways to improve the way land is used and allocated.


The study’s hypothesis was that conflicts of interest frequently emerge between political and physical planners in the planning and execution of land use activities, resulting in a flawed allocation method in Owerri.


The purpose of the study was to serve as a reference to land professionals, such as estate surveyors, lawyers, and others, in order to maximize the use of available land in Owerri. It will also aid in public education. On the many steps taken by such commuters to employ and maintain zoning regulations for uniformity in the capital city’s development process.



LAND USE: Land is a genetic term that refers to the physical soil as well as all improvements made to it, such as plants, buildings, and so on. Land use refers to the use that any piece of land is put to in accordance with diverse human activities.

MORPHOLOGY: An activity’s or element’s structure.

SPRAWL: Urban sprawl is defined as the unplanned expansion of cities to the east, west, north, and south.

URBAN: A town/city that provides a wide range of goods and services to its surrounding countryside.

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