The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a circuit that monitors the input voltage at any moment and displays the regulated voltage level on an analog meter in this project. It is mostly used in electrical/electronic systems that are sensitive to high voltage levels. It’s commonly used as a bridge between the power supply and the appliance.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is made up of a transformer, a voltage sensor called a comparator that is embedded in the microprocessor and connected to the power source to sense the voltage level of the power when it is low or high, and a processing device that is connected to the voltage sensor to compare the sensed voltage level to a reference value.



As the name implies, an automated voltage regulator (AVR) is a device that automatically regulates voltage, or converts a fluctuating voltage level to a constant voltage level.

The AVR is a type of device that maintains a constant voltage level to prevent downstream electrical equipment from malfunctioning or being damaged.


The Automatic Voltage Regulator, also known as a stabilizer, is a device that is designed and built using transforms, circuit diagrams, and electrical components to monitor the input voltage level. The Automatic Voltage Regulator, also known as an auto-transformer, is a transformer having only one winding and at least three electrical connection points known as taps. Two taps are connected to the voltage supply and the load, with one tap at the end of the winding serving as a common connection to both circuits (source and load). Each tap represents a separate voltage source or load. And the number of terms in the winding they link to equals the ratio of secondary to primary voltage.


The main objective of an Automatic Voltage Regulator is to avoid malfunctions or damage to electrical equipment by acting as an intermediate between it and the electrical/electronic equipment. Another important function of an AVR is to automatically control varying voltage levels to a constant voltage. Using AVR as an intermediary device will inspire you in such a way that you will be able to power any device without bias.


The goal of this project is to demonstrate to people the relevance of AVR in everyday life, as well as how beneficial it is and how it may be used to prevent electrical device malfunction or damage.

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