The volume, table, and bass controls on this 30 volt audio amplifier were designed using a combination of five (5) distinct circuits that were interconnected during or after construction. A left and right channel are available on this amplifier.
This main amplifier circuit (which consists of a left and right channel, two treble and bass pre-amp circuits, and the power supply circuit) is a combination of these circuits.
The primary amplifier circuit is made up of an interpreting circuit (IC) with several resistors, an electrolytic capacitor with a few resistors, and a transistor mp circuit with some resistors and a paper capacitor.
The power supply for all of the circuits is a 30 volt step down transformer with double rectification. It can be used to boost the volume of an audio system such as a tiny radio cassette player, compact disc player, turntable record player, vehicle radio cassette player, or any other sound system that demands more volume.
When manufactured in substantial or commercial quantities, this amplifier will create jobs, support the indigenous electronics technology industry, and contribute to the nation’s economic progress.

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