Industrial Electronics has revolutionized the world of engineering, and technological advancements are occurring at a breakneck pace, especially in poor countries. Because newer technology outnumber older ones, this is the case. With the invention of computers in the 1950s, the world switched from the industrial revolution to the information era.

As a result, mechanronics refers to a philosophy that combines the use of mechanical and electrical means. It has taken over a large portion of industrial electronics, which is critical in modern technology.

Security, which is one of the most important considerations in any productive enterprise, has been declining in Nigeria. Because of their inability to fulfill the security standards demanded in today’s world, most industries have gone bankrupt. Criminals also have easy access to some houses and offices, which has resulted in the loss of crucial documents and property. As a result, considerable security measures are urgently needed to raise people’s living standards, promote growth, and eliminate the threat of insecurity. That is why, as a Computer System Engineering student, I started working on a project called “Intruder Detector Alarm System with Direction.”


1. The main goal of this project is to design and implement a multipurpose security device based on a microcontroller that can secure a military cantonment from intruder detection and control access to a strong room within the cantonment.

2. Another goal of this project is to familiarize the graduating student with the design and implementation of electronic systems employing Random logic.

3. This project also aims to familiarize young engineers with engineering, technical, and scientific writing skills, which are extremely useful in their professional activity.

4. Another goal of this project is to educate these graduating students with electronic system designs that can be used in real-world industrial security situations.

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