This project is about the design and implementation of a radio-controlled car lock with a 5-minute ignition deactivation feature that can lock a vehicle from a distance using a remote control. The transmitter, which is an RF handheld remote control, and the receiver units are the two functional units of the system. The receiver is made up of multiple parts. The output of a tuned radio frequency receiver (TRF) is utilized to trigger a bi-stable multi-vibrator, whose output is used to trigger the automobile lock switch. The four doors of a typical car are represented by four push and hold switches wired to activate a 5-minute delay circuit created with a mono-stable Ne555 timer. If your automobile is kidnapped at gunpoint, simply press the remote, and the car locks by turning off a green LED before the armed thief flees. After five minutes, the vehicle will automatically come to a halt if any of the doors are opened and closed. The ignition lamp also turns off. When the automobile is found, the system includes a reset switch put in a recessed area in the car for resetting the locking system. The system is chordless, which is primarily due to the application area.


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