This project is about the design and construction of an automatic hand drier with a temperature display that can dry a wet hand placed beneath its vent and shuts off automatically. It has a temperature detecting and display unit that shows the temperature of blown-out air. This system is built utilizing a top-down approach, with passive and active components (LM35 and LDR) at the input to sense temperature and hands, respectively. The signal conditioning unit, voltage comparator and frequency generator, and decimal counting unit make up the control unit. Transistor, driver, actuator, electromagnetic relay, and a –digit seven segment Display make up the output interface. The sensor is located in front of the blower, and this gadget only uses warm air to dry. The blower is activated and blows heated air when a hand is placed beneath the vent to block the line of sight of the LASER Diode and LDR. The blower and the temperature display both come to a halt as soon as the hand is removed. The premise underlying this system’s operation is that the hands must be opaque enough to impede the opto coupler’s line of sight. This eliminates the tension, time, and dangers that come with using a push button typewriter. As a result, an automatic hand dryer with a temperature indicator has been created.


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