This project involves the design and implementation of a radio-controlled car lock with a 5-minute ignition deactivation capability capable of locking a vehicle from a distance using a remote control. The system is divided into two functional units: the transmitter (an RF handheld remote control) and the receivers. The receiver unit is divided into modules. The output of a tuned radio frequency receiver (TRF) is used to trigger a bistable multivibrator configured with CD 4013, the output of which is used to trigger the car lock switch. The four doors of a typical car are represented by four push and hold switches wired to activate a 5-minute delay circuit realized with a Ne555 timer in monostable mode. The system is designed in such a way that If your car is robbed at gunpoint, simply press the remote and the car locks by turning off a green LED before the armed robber flees. And if any of the doors is opened and closed, the vehicle comes to a halt after five minutes. The ignition lamp also goes out. When the car is found, a reset switch installed in a recessed location in the car is used to reset the locking system. The system is chordless, owing primarily to the application area.



1.1.           Background of the Study

The current innovations are related to wireless transmitters in general, and more specifically to remotely controlled operations that use RF transmitters and Receivers. People in different parts of the world can effectively communicate and control some operations thanks to the invention of GPRS, GPS, 3G, 4G, GSM, and the internet. Given the preceding milestone, it is critical to use wireless technology to incapacitate car thieves. As a result, a thorough investigation into Remote control car lock with 5-minute ignition deactivation facilities was launched. This system keeps car thieves from fleeing with the vehicle. It irritates them after five minutes of closing any of the car doors. It prevents car snatching and deactivation in real time, with no delay. It’s made up. of a portable handheld RF remote control that should always be kept in the driver’s pocket. The receiver is also installed within the vehicle.

1.2.           Problem Statement

Because of the country’s high unemployment rate, social vices have been on the rise. This threat has prompted individuals to take precautions to protect their lives and property. Car theft is a dangerous social vice all over the world. People have lost their vehicles, worth billions of dollars, as well as their lives, to car thieves. Due to the utmost need to develop a method of tracking car thieves by demobilizing the vehicle regardless of their location using wireless technology, I deemed it necessary to embark on the project design and implementation of a radio controlled car lock with 5 minutes ignition deactivation facilities. This system should have the ability to disable the vehicle’s ignition. system and deactivates it/brings the car to a halt, 5-seconds after closing and of the doors. This device should be equipped with radio frequency (RF) technology.

1.3.           Aims and Objectives of the Study

i. The goal of this project is to design and build a radio-controlled car lock with a 5-minute ignition deactivation capability capable of stopping the movement/motion of a vehicle snatched at gunpoint using remote control.

ii. The goals of this research are to create a prototype system that can be used to lock and unlock a car that has been robbed at gunpoint using an RF remote control.

iii. Create an automotive device that can be powered by a car battery.

iv. Create a system that can lock a vehicle using an RF remote.

v. Create a module that can switch the ignition of a vehicle using the car doors.

1.4.            Significance of the Project

This project work is significant in the fields of computer, electrical, and electronic engineering. It is used to deactivate vehicles that have been snatched at gunpoint and has many applications in telecommunications. This type of project is critical for security and surveillance. This design can be modified to work as an RF remote controlled electronic appliance, giving it a foothold in both domestic and industrial settings. The project is applicable to both office and home locks. If funded and developed, this device will sell like a German burger.

1.5.            Specification

This project work is a mock-up of a real-life system that would be installed in a vehicle. This device has a maximum range of 100 meters and can lock the car ignition system by pressing an Rf remote control. This system would be able to deactivate the vehicle’s ignition system after 5 minutes of any of the doors being opened and closed. This device can only lock and unlock the vehicle and cannot indicate or display the vehicle’s location. It only serves to strand the car thieves.


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