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Hospitals’ Antenatal Departments provide medical counseling and treatment to expectant mothers before to delivery. Antenatal care focuses on material and fetal care, including ensuring that the baby develops normally and providing mothers with advice on what to eat, the type of exercise they should do, scans, and pathological rest. The goal of this study is to develop and implement a computerized system that provides pregnant women with information on antenatal care as it becomes available (just-in-time), as well as advice on what to take and other medical advice, in order to effectively reduce childbirth mortality and other related issues. The research’s major goal is to replace the existing manual Antenatal information system with one that is more reliable, accurate, faster, and less expensive.




Because information must be consistent, up-to-date, accurate, and reliable (just-in-time) to affect the operation for which I am responsible, an information system is required to provide basic data for any organization. This is because for decisions to be made efficiently and timely, the information must be consistent, up-to-date, accurate, and reliable (just-in-time) to affect the operation for which I am responsible. Many women find pregnancy to be a difficult experience. Women suffer stress during pregnancy as a result of worries about maternal-fetal safety, maternal competence, physical changes, labor and birth anxiety, social interactions, and financial concerns. Maternal age, parity, pregnancy history, and maternal health status are all factors that may influence maternal health. The implementation of the Antenatal system will provide opportunities for pregnant women to develop competence and obtain knowledge, skills, and social support from health care providers. A computerized Antenatal education system has been shown to be an effective strategy for improving maternal stress and self-efficacy during pregnancy. According to researchers, prenatal education should match the requirements of pregnant women by teaching them how to cope with frequent pregnancy-related stressors. Pregnant women are enthusiastic about taking part in web-based or internet-based antenatal education or care. According to previous study, over 90% of pregnant women want to use the internet or their smartphones to get pregnancy-related information that influences their decisions. The current study’s goal is to create and implement a computerized web-based antenatal education system that addresses maternal stress and other related health issues during pregnancy.


The Antenatal unit’s main purpose is to care for expectant mothers and provide necessary advice for the well-being of the mother and unborn child until the delivery date, which is why the pregnant mother visits the unit, which can be difficult for heavy mothers to do on a regular basis to seek medical advice and checkups. The goal of this study is to build and deploy a prenatal information system that will aid in fast and useful data processing and will be accessible at all times over the internet.


The research’s major goal is to build a computerized Antenatal information system for Nigerian hospitals, with the following goals:

1. Make information regarding expectant moms’ prenatal care available to antenatal patients and clinicians.
2. To improve and expand access to information on antenatal patients, including speedy retrieval of information and secure storage.
3. In-hospital computerized antenatal mother registration.
4. Provide managers and patients seeking counsel with up-to-date, real-time, reliable, and desired information.
5. Provide the most efficient method for retrieving information and storing it securely for future use.


There are bottlenecks in information distribution and flow in the manual manner pregnant women are cared for at the Antenatal unit, so the researcher felt compelled to conduct this study in order to identify and address such bottlenecks, as stated in the work’s objectives. The study will raise awareness of the optimal contents of antenatal care, which include preconception counseling, risk factor assessment, and fetal well-being assessment, among other things.

– The research will enable information to be offered in educating pregnant women, particularly first-time mothers, about normal pregnancy discomforts, emotional elements (including post-partum depression) so that these mothers are reassured and their anxieties are alleviated.


The purpose of this study is to provide information about the Antenatal Unit of a hospital’s department.

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