The use of electronics in human endeavor is becoming more widespread as the globe develops. Certain activities, such as communication, have grown easier to handle as a result of the invention of certain electronic gadgets in our cultures today. An alarm system will be critical in situations where safety is required.
The use of electronics in today’s world is virtually limitless, and this group has been increasingly interested in alarm systems as the number of burglaries in houses, cars, and other places has increased. The selection of an appropriate alarm is not an easy task because, like a set of fingerprints, the needs of each individual home owner or businessman are unique.

When choosing an alarm system, consider the following criteria and questions: a. What system needs to be protected?
c. What kind of sensor is required?
b. The type of alarm signal transmission required
The goal of developing an intruder alarm system is to reduce the impact of criminality in society by alerting us when our belongings are in risk. All of this will raise suspicions about how criminals enter into private residences by torching them once the alarm has been triggered.

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