This is a descriptive research study on the traders’ health and environmental hygiene at Akpan Andem Market. The goal of this study was to see how regular garbage disposal affects the health of traders in Akpan Andem Market. To analyze the availability of sanitation amenities in Akpan Andem Market and their impact on traders’ health. The purpose of this study is to look into the availability of regular water supply and how it affects the health of traders in Akpan Andem Market. The study’s target population was two thousand stall owners in Uyo’s Akpan Andem Market, while the accessible population was 100 people who were randomly selected to participate in the study using the Simple Random Sampling Technique. The information was gathered using 21-item surveys. Percentages and frequency were used to analyze the data, which was then displayed in tables and charts. According to the study’s findings, 95% of respondents related diarrhea, catarrh, cough, malaria, and cholera to a lack of environmental hygiene caused by poor sanitation, erratic water supply, and erratic waste disposal. According to the findings, traders’ environmental hygiene and health will improve if sanitary facilities, regular water supply, and a proper waste disposal system are made accessible at Akpan Andem Market. As a result, the researcher proposed that the government and management of Akpan Andem Market offer the essential sanitation amenities, such as enough water supply, excellent toilet facilities, and a waste disposal system, among other things.

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