This project involves evaluating the Governor’s Lodge in Enugu State. The work intends to conduct an evaluation of the governor’s lodge’s toilet and bathroom, parking space, and landscaping. During the process, it was discovered that the lodge was in poor condition. As a result, it was possible to put the evaluated places in good shape. The toilet and bathroom, the parking space, and the lodge’s landscape were all evaluated. The conclusion was reached that continuous evaluation will keep the governor in good shape at all times. As a result, it was suggested that the state government conduct periodic evaluations of the lodge and its facilities in order to keep the lodge looking fresh.




Originally, a lodge was a small building that was often associated with a larger one. A lodge can be thought of as a guesthouse where guests or visitors can stay. A lodge is a hotel-like structure where lodging activities are carried out. It could include a bar, a restaurant, and recreational facilities, among other things. Every nation or state has a government house where the president or governor and some of his subordinates perform their official duties. The governor and some of the governor’s subordinates may have offices in Government House. It is the location for the Governor’s official business as well as the occupant’s numerous receptions and functions. One of the infrastructures in the government building is

the governor’s mansion (Robert, 2013). A lodge may only provide the most basic guest services and amenities. It may also have a swimming pool, a business center (with computers, printers, and other office equipment), conference and event facilities, tennis and/or basketball courts, a gymnasium, restaurants, and social function services. The Governor’s Lodge facility provides luxurious amenities, service accommodations, on-site restaurant (s), and the highest level of personalized service, including a concierge, room service, and clothes pressing staff (Jack, 2013).

A governor’s lodge is a type of guesthouse that is usually found in the Government House. The lodge is used to host visitors such as foreign counterparts from other countries who have come for business or other social-economic activities, fellow state governors, and others who have come to visit.

came on official business. When there are official meetings that last several days at government house, the governor will host his visitors in the lodge. As a result, the facilities in the lodge must be in good condition because the governor’s guests are typically members of the political hierarchy and personnel. However, if the lodge’s facilities are not properly functioning or are not designed to standard, it will be inconvenient for these people (William, 2013).

As a result, it is critical to ensure that all facilities are in good working order and are properly designed. Given the foregoing, the researcher is eager to conduct an experiment. The governor’s lodge in Enugu state, Nigeria, was evaluated in terms of facilities such as the toilet and bathroom, parking space, and landscaping.


Governor’s Lodge is subject to renovation or maintenance at regular intervals, as well as occasional innovation. The toilet and bathroom facilities, as well as the car park and landscaping at Enugu State’s Governor’s Lodge, are in disrepair. Agents must pay close attention to the lodge’s flaws. Especially the aforementioned facilities.

This project aims to address the issues of inconvenient toilets and bathrooms, insufficient parking space, and poor landscaping.


This project’s goal is to present an evaluation of the governor’s lodge in Enugu State, Nigeria.

As a result, the specific goals are to evaluate the following;

1. Enugu state governor’s lodge toilet and bathroom

2. Enugu state governor’s lodge parking space

3. Landscaping around the governor’s lodge in Enugu state

4. To improve the current design of Enugu State’s governor’s lodge.


1. How would the toilet and bathroom in Enugu state’s governor’s lodge be evaluated?

2. How would the parking space in Enugu state’s governor’s lodge be evaluated?

3. How is the landscaping around the governor’s lodge in Enugu state?

4. How would you improve the current design of the governor’s lodge in Enugu State?


This project’s significance cannot be overstated. This is because the evaluation process in Enugu State’s Governor’s Lodge will aid in the correction of several facilities such as the toilet and bathroom, car park, and landscaping.



The project will evaluate the Governor’s Lodge in Enugu State. The evaluation process will be limited to toilet and bathroom facilities, as well as parking and landscaping.


During the project’s duration, the researcher encountered some difficulties that served as a limitation to the study. These include time constraints, respondents’ unwillingness to be interviewed about the subject matter, and financial constraints.


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