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More or less as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which resulted in urban deterioration, urban renewal emerged. Many variables can be ascribed to the nature of such degradation, which can be classed as personal, economic, and social aspects. This degradation is more visible on structures and is characterized by severe shortages, with demand always exceeding supply. These factors contribute to overcrowding and rapid rent increases. As a result, the urban poor who cannot afford the rent of a decent structure are compelled to live in shanties, resulting in the growth of slums.

Poor sanitary conditions, congestion, and the overall inadequacy of social services such as water and electricity supplies are other socioeconomic elements that contribute to urban deterioration.


The truth is that every community has its unique set of issues. Nigerian towns and cities are plagued by a slew of issues. Environmental degradation appears to be the order of the day in Anambra State in general and Okpoko layout in particular. Poor housing, unmaintained streets, poor drainage systems, and the absence or lack of public services and facilities characterize the neighborhood.

The lack of a good road network is one of the key issues that this town faces. The non-mechanized road is a result of the road network problem, and passengers suffer as a result of the frequent potholes. Such characteristics, when combined, result in a high rate of transportation and frequent delays. This administration is currently in power.


The purpose of this research is to assess the general living conditions as well as the basic conditions of social services and infrastructure in Okpoko in order to make appropriate recommendations for renewal strategies/programs that will create decent living conditions for the people. The study’s goals are as follows:

i. To address the housing crisis in Okpoko through renewal measures that provide more housing units for the study area’s residents.


ii. Examine the state of the environment and how to improve it through renewal initiatives.


iii. To look at the population structure of the Okpoko people.


Some obstacles were faced over the course of the research, including the following:

1. The selected financial institutions’ data is insufficient.

2. Difficulties in reaching out to real estate investors who are backed by certain financial institutions.


A study on urban renewal in Onitsha, with a special focus on Okpoko in the Ogbanu local government area of Anambra State, is critical for planning, academic, and developmental objectives. This type of research can inform the government, students, lecturers, and researchers about what can be found in Okpoko.

Not just for the government, but also for urban and regional planners who may apply the lesson and findings to their planning programs, such a result can provide both knowledge and education.


This dissertation will be based on the housing conditions, transportation network, basic social services, and infrastructural facilities available in Okpoko for the purposes of this project and the time frame.


This is depicted in connection to the goals. Thus:

H0: There is no significant association between Okpoko residents’ population and the general state of basic social services and facilities.


HI: There is a strong link between the population of Okpoko people and the general state of the community’s fundamental social services and infrastructure.


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