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This study represents a study of the impact of materials management on the profitability of a manufacturing company, 7up Bottling Company, using Kaduna as the study location and interviewing a total of 100 employees. Data were collected using a self-constructed questionnaire and the results obtained were analyzed using a simple percentage method, with chi-square also used to test hypotheses. The efficacy and reliability of the instrument were established. The results of this study show that materials management has a positive impact on organizational profitability, as materials management impacts product performance, which certainly affects organizational profitability. Nigerian manufacturing companies could increase their resource commitments to training materials management personnel to develop skills, update knowledge, improve new product development and create domestic sources of foreign materials. is encouraged.


1.0     Introduction

It is clear that all organizations store materials that form one of the central elements of the organization. A facility established to manufacture something. Every organization may be a producer of goods and/or a provider of services, and all activities require the use of materials, which are properly managed to achieve the desired goals. need to do it.

Materials management is one of the most technical decisions in any organization. Therefore, it is necessary to decide when, how and by whom the material will be processed. It includes the process of moving, packing and storing materials. Note that no proprietary method has been used in the past. However, today a large number of methods are used, such as:
Automatic guided vehicle (AGV), automatic storage and retrieval system “ASRS”.

1.1     Background of the Study

It is material management that seeks to dominate organizational processes and change management practices.

It is clear that in organizations of all types, management efforts are often directed toward effective and efficient management of materials. Moreover, management practices have given us the insight that success in today’s context can only be ensured through a hands-on and holistic commitment to materials management.

Materials management is not just a technology, it is a philosophy based on the belief that long-term success depends on a unified approach to materials management at his 7Up Plc, Kaduna plant, which is an individual analytical and holistic approach. Concerned can be achieved through the interaction of such skills.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

As you know, materials management is considered the lifeblood of any organization. Unfortunately, most companies leave materials management in mediocre hands.

Therefore, the fundamental issues addressed in this investigation are unethical practices at 7Up Plc’s Kaduna facility, which include:
Placing unqualified personnel in functional departments. They do not have expertise in raw material billing and local inaccessibility. As a result, 7Up Plc’s Kaduna plant also faces material waste and theft issues.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to examine the impact of materials management on the profitability of manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Specifically, the objectives of this study are to:

1. Determining the impact of materials management on a manufacturer’s product yield

2. Analyze the impact of materials management on a manufacturer’s profitability

3. Consider material management issues in manufacturing companies

1.4     Research Question

1. How does materials management affect a manufacturing company’s production of products?

2. Does materials management affect a manufacturing company’s profitability?

3. What are the material management challenges for manufacturing companies?

1.5     Significance of the Study

This study increases knowledge on the topic of “Materials Management” and helps managers of 7Up Plc’s Kaduna plant understand the impact of inventory, inventory control, and inventory registration within the organization as one of the key components of materials management. It is equally useful to deal with

This allows managers to increase productivity and minimize or eliminate material-related issues when students and businesses begin managing materials.

This generally helps management reduce waste and theft of materials and likewise improve the proper use of materials.

1.6     Scope of the Study

The study looks at materials management as an effective tool for improving productivity at Seven Up (7-Up) Nigeria Plc’s Kaduna plant. The study covers the actual activities from 2008 to 2012 at 7Up Nigeria Plc’s Kaduna plant, from identifying new orders to issuing order materials to user departments.

1.7     Limitations of the Study

In any research work, researchers inevitably face flaws. One of the expected problems during this research study is the lack of cooperation from subjects or objects, resulting in fewer than expected numbers of uses, low returns on questionnaires, and availability of ignorance of use. The inability to assign the correct data collection tool. Another limitation was the attitude of staff during visits to the organization. Ultimately, despite all the constraints, I was able to successfully carry out my research.

1.8     Definition of Terms

These are raw materials of different qualities that are stored in warehouses.

This is a house or structure prepared for safe storage of materials.

It is the process of averaging the movement and storage of goods and materials from their source to their final point of consumption.

Crowd issues:
These are materials that are manufactured in specific, agreed-upon quantities in specific departments.

These are inventory items that are obsolete and no longer used by your organization. Distribution requirements planning (DRP):
This is a requirement made by the customer at the time of consumption or need.

Storage space:
This is an outdoor location where materials can be stored for a reasonable period of time without severe deterioration.

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