Multinational corporations are now globally recognized entities that embrace diverse cultures and are socially responsible to their host communities. An assessment of multinationals for their contribution to community development has become necessary to assess the extent of exploration conducted by multinationals in Nigeria. A literature search was performed for this study. Necessary theoretical background, statistics available from the Natural Population Commission show that there are an estimated 1,610 people (101,610) in the Eket community, with a sample size of 100 respondents (100), and the number used for data collection. How to do a questionnaire. (4) Four hypotheses were developed and tested in this study using a simple percentage (%) statistical method of data analysis. Based on the analysis, some results were recorded as follows.
Multinational corporations were found to be more likely to neglect human rights and pollute the environment than to develop host communities. After the recorded results, some useful recommendations were made to solve the problems identified in the study. It statistically suggested that people fall for the sake of falling. The company has to offer more for their desired needs. It also expands the scope of social responsibility here to create jobs and accelerate community development. It can be concluded that the country’s laws are not properly applied. Multinational corporations do not contribute to the development of host communities.




Multinational corporations are used by both businesses and non-businesses. Some mean a fairly large corporation with about five or he he six offices in the state, others mean a large corporation with offices in every state or department. Country. According to Prasad & Shetty (1976), “Multinational corporations are those that effectively operate under different national sovereignty”. They also emphasize that multinationals are companies that have to deal with large fluctuations in economic conditions, different values ​​and cultural systems, and large geographical disparities.

According to this definition, a multinational company is a large company that operates in different parts of the world, but most often has a reputable headquarters in the place where it was originally established. There are various multinational companies both in Nigeria and abroad.

However, for the purposes of this study, researchers are using ExxonMobil oil produced in Eket, Akwaibom State, Nigeria. Things to watch out for

Please note that foreign multinationals must face expropriation if they do not respect the policies and directives of their host country governments. By their very nature, multinationals have to deal with not only more complex organizational structures, but also much more sophisticated and sensitive organizational structures.

Having more environmental variables than domestic companies, these companies are regarded as giants among economic agents and are characterized above all by their size, economic strength, efficiency, stability, dynamism, flexibility and technological capabilities. It is not uncommon for an oligopoly company. Elwood (1979) argued that the size and scope of multinational corporations in many developing countries often result in significant social change that disrupts or interferes with the social programs and goals of host governments.

Multinational corporations are notorious for their exploitative tendencies in developing countries. Concerned African countries have often accused these companies of simply depleting the natural and human resources of poor African countries without providing adequate compensation or rewards. Despite the fact that these companies exploit these African countries and make huge profits from their operations, it is hard to say that they feed the aspirations and aspirations of the communities in which they operate.


As multinational companies face danger and exploitation in the communities in which they operate, it is important to demonstrate serious concern about their social responsibility to these communities.

However, it is difficult for one person. say a specific company

contributed to personal growth

Communities because development involves a lot from providing infrastructure facilities, employment, grants, etc. Communities are screaming at the neglect, lack of recognition and inadequate compensation from businesses operating in their areas.

The company refutes this claim, stating that it has fully responded to social needs. Researchers have also explored the issue of disparities between companies and communities that have fulfilled their promises to provide social infrastructure and economic benefits, or whether communities are satisfied with what companies have done to them so far. also mentions


The main objective of research activities is to assess the contribution of multinational companies to the development of local communities.


The specific objectives of this research are to:

a. to analyze discrepancies between companies and hosts;


b. A Social Responsibility Assessment conducted at Eket by Exxonmobil Oil Producingnaiger.Plc.

c. Determine how much ExxonMobil contributed

Eckett development.

D To investigate what the company has actually done in the community

In terms of infrastructure growth.

e. To study the benefits ExxonMobil brings to the people of Eket.

f. Highlight the problems being caused to the Eket community and environment

to the existence of ExxonMobil.

G. Suggestion that he should develop Eket with ExxonMobil as the main host



This research focuses on the contribution of multinational corporations to host communities. Properly worded, it will bring enormous benefits to many stakeholders. People at Exxonmobil and Eket are divided over whether the company will keep them happy with infrastructure and other aspects. People feel that the company is not rewarding them enough, so their wants and aspirations are still unfulfilled. This research helps to generate

Efficient and effective interpersonal relationships between the company and the host community. This survey will help you discover companies and people as they have different demands. This research helps eliminate inequalities, demand compromise, and counteract the potential for frequent contributions between both parties.

However, researchers believe that not only the people of Eket, the Federal Republic of Nigeria government, and Exxonville staff, but also the Executive Director will find the study worthwhile. Research activities benefit researchers and future researchers in the research field. I hope it will be useful for your future research.


This research study aims to assess how multinational corporations, through ExxonMobil, contribute to community development for the people of Eketo. It focuses on providing social facilities and other forms of support that the company has used to help people. Covers corporate social responsibility.


In order for the research to achieve its stated purpose,

A sublist research question was created.

1. Does ExxonMobil provide social services to Ecket people? 2. What financial benefits does ExxonMobil bring to the Eket community?

3. Multinational companies consult based on Eket population.

4. How can multinational corporations contribute to the development of American society?


Four hypotheses have been formulated to enable researchers to achieve the stated goals and they are:

(HO) ExxonMobil’s failure to provide social facilities for Eckett people.

(HL) that Exxonmobil provided social facilities to his Eket people;

2. (HO) Exxonmobil does not bring economic benefits to the Eket community;

(HI) The Eket community benefits from this his Exxonmobil

economically. 3. (HO) Multinational corporations not consulting on the needs of Eket people. (HI) that the multinational company consults with the people of Eket he needs.

4. (HO) This multinational company does not contribute to the development of the host community. (HI) This multinational company contributed to this

Development of the host community.


During the implementation process, researchers encountered some practical problems. One of the limitations was the uncooperative attitude of the respondents. Some respondents felt that the question was asked to clarify the lagging of the community in terms of social/economic development. Certain information that should have appeared in this study was denied to the researcher by company departmental staff.

Another limitation was the ability to move from one community to another to manage surveys. This was very exhausting due to the distance and difficulty of transportation. Obtaining information from illiterate villages was also difficult and in most cases resisted interviews.

It was not easy for researchers to continue their research because of the heavy workload in class. A study of this magnitude requires a significant amount of time to do meaningful work.


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