Social media, particularly blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, BBM, 2go, and others, have revolutionized the news and information monopoly of the mass media in this era of information and communication technology (radio, television, newspaper and magazine industry). I was. ). As a result of increased citizen participation in news gathering and distribution. This study looked into the impact of new media on information gathering among Reed City University students. Citizens are now characterized as ‘citizen journalists’ by new media, who see them not only as information consumers but also as information producers. Most people have their own blogs, groups, and spaces on social media sites where they can post news and stay informed. Some people get their information from video sites like YouTube. Despite the fact that the questionnaire was designed as a research tool, A survey research methodology was used to collect data from selected respondents. According to the responses we received, the majority of students have access to new or social media. The student uses WhatsApp, BBM, and Facebook more frequently than any other social media platform. As a result, Lead City University students use new media extensively. Most new or social media users spend 6-10 hours per day on their devices. To improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of online news, governments must ensure that website and blog owners follow national defamation, obscenity, and invasion of privacy laws. The manifest content of Internet materials is monitored.


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