Malaysia, a rapidly developing country, is now confronted with the issue of insufficient urban space for future development, necessitating the need to redevelop brownfield sites, particularly ex-landfills. By the year 2020, a total of 296 ex-landfills are expected to be redeveloped. Despite the existence of a policy for landfill development, the question of whether the policy reflects the needs of society as the end-recipient that determines the success of the planned development arises.
As a result, this study was conducted to assess what the community has in mind as a way to identify community needs in ensuring the success of future ex-landfill development. Based on the objectives of identifying community perceptions of I ex-landfill issues, (ii) the appropriate type of re-development for ex-landfills, and (iii) the function of the public park in ex-landfills, which has been the main priority of the development type considered by the government, this study produced a priority ranking result that could assist the urban administrator or specifically the Local Authorities in Malaysia in planning an effective and acceptable development of the ex-landfill for the benefit of current and future communities.


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