Survey Into The Degree Of Usefulness Of Shorthand To Modern Secretaries



The degree to which longhand is used in services has been of serious concern both to scholars and teachers in secretarial studies. This study delved the extent to which registers make use of longhand in their day- to- day office work, whether the extent of operation is commensurate to the trouble put in learning the skill and whether employers who want registers regard longhand skill as job conditions.

In order to arrive at a c conclusive decision on the below objects, the experimenter carried out a library exploration, interviews and questionnaires.

The population of this study comported of sixty registers in three branches of Union Bank Plc in Enugu State drawn from registers and directors in the banks. Questionnaires and oral interview were used to collect data.

Statistical tools used are simple average and chance. When the data was anatomized, it was set up that longhand isn’t considerably used in services and that the pets at which employers mandate is between 80 and 100w.p.m. It was farther discovered that directors contend on longhand skill as a job demand for registers though they don’t use it considerably and would not employ a clerk two has no longhand skill.

It was recommended that as numerous registers prefer to make use of their longhand skill in their work, the superintendent should encourage them by decreeing rather than writing out reporters for them. It was farther recommended that as longhand is still considered a job demand for registers, they should strive hard to master this skill in malignancy of the difficulties encountered in learning it to enable them meet the requirements of their employers.

As superintendent don’t mandate at any speed advanced than 100w.p.m., there’s need for secretarial training institutions to step down their longhand speed demand from 120w.p.m to 100w.p.m. to relieve the registers of the anxiety of the fresh 20w.p.m.


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Table Of Content


Chapter One


Background Of The Study

Statement Of The Problem

Purpose Of The Study

Delimitation Of The Study

Significance Of The Study

exploration Questions


Chapter Two

Review Of Affiliated Literature

The Meaning Of A Secretary

rates Of A Secretary

Training Of A Secretary

Qualification Of Secretary

Uses Of Shorthand And Summary

Summary Of Literature Review


Chapter Three

exploration Methodology


Sample And Testing fashion

Data Collection Instrument

Distribution And Retrieval Of Questionnaire

system Of Data Analysis


Chapter Four

donation & Analysis Of Data

Chapter Five

Discussion & Findings, Recommendation And Conclusion

Summary Of Findings










Office is the operation seat of any association. It’s manned by labor force of varying nature. Included in the list of office labor force are registers who carry out important secretarial service in our services.

The public Association International( 1978) defined as clerk as “ an backing to an superintendent, enjoying mastery of office chops and capability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, one who displays and makes opinions within the compass of her authority ”.

For a person to rate the title “ Secretary ”, there are certain qualifications he she must posses not only educationally biut also chops he has to attain. Organizations are getting more and more achievement acquainted and as a result have realized the significance of matching jobs with able hands in order to achieve effectiveness. Each job demands special quality qualifications, chops and characteristics on the part of the pantomime.

registers strive hard to acquire these chops, which are demanded by associations in their day- to- day conditioning.

Emphasizing the need to match specific jobs with specific chops, Turner 91972) remarked “ to prepare for effectiveness in the business world, development must come by all areas to knowledge chops, ways and particular rates ”. Turner further stressed that “ the kind of job we get will depend upon the specific chops we’ve acquired in seminaries and how well we use them ”. Relating this to registers, the introductory chops necessary for effective performance to the office are typewriting, longhand, book- keeping, form and operating office machine. IT is still, material to note that there’s no agreement as to the exact background education a clerk should retain.

Among the hot chops needed of a clerk, important emphasis is frequently laid on longhand. This can be witnessed by the multitudinous review announcement for the post of registers demanding colorful pets in longhand but unfortunately, no exploration has been carried out to determine how numerous of these employers make use of this Longhand ” skill and at what position they use it.

In pressing the significance of skill courses to registers( Omeanani 1986) argued that a person can not be a clerk without attaining acceptance position of proficiency to the core subjects of secretarial training of which longhand is one of them. What’s attained suitable to work terrain the course curricular of institutions of literacy.

opining on the affiliated issue of the controlling influence of work terrain over education, Fusselman,( 1982) remarked that “ we shouldn’t forget that effects outside the academy matter indeed more than the effects inside the academy and govern effects outside, ” hence, the need to ascertain the degree to which longhand is used in work places come applicable.

Expressing the fear that the frequence of use of longhand by registers in the office work might not be commensurate with the sweats scholars make in the study of longhand, Greg( 1971) rued that in malignancy of work effectiveness that can accumulate from the use of longhand in the office work, registers make little or no use of longhand skill in their work. He maintains that Millions of registers learnt longhand but veritably many use it everyday. There are registers in business services, courtrooms, government services, commission meetings etc, where it’s desirable to have record of the spoken words, yet lower of them make use of longhand.

It’s thus applicable to ask whether the degree to which longhand is being used in the services really justifies the sweats being made in the accession of the skill. It’s understandable that the substance of training is realized by what it can be used to achieve latterly. Guided by Skinner’s( 1959) “ Principle of learning should be made given to the learners, is it not paradoxical that some registers< in the course of study of longhand don’t have the faintest knowledge of their destination in terms of the position of intensity of using this skill may be subordinated to< by the employers. This lack of knowledge creates cerebral block in the pupil’s enthusiasm to make all the necessary sweats to attain the necessary speed position.


Statement Of The Problem

A lot of emphasis has been put on the study of longhand in seminaries, sodalities and universities as a core subject for secretarial training. scholars frequently record a lot of failures on this course. preceptors and pupil of secretarial studies agree that longhand is one of the most delicate subjects in the class of secretarial training programme.

De-young( 1977) underlines the difficulties associated with the literacy and tutoring of longhand in his assertion that preceptors are constantly looking for ways to ameliorate tutoring capability in the secretarial subjects and scholars on the other hand are also faced with the problem of which literacy procedure to borrow in order to conquer the problems posed by longhand. Presently, little exploration has been conducted to determine the meeting point between what preceptors educate and what the employers want in terms of the degree of proficiency needed for office work and how constantly registers make use of longhand in their day- to- day office duties, and the right answers haven’t yet surfaced. This write up thus aims to find out how applicable longhand is to present- day employer. Should longhand be fully excluded from the secretarial studies class? Or should it be played down or left as it is. How frequently is the skill needed in moment’s ultramodern office with computers and other communication widgets available? These and other questions are what this exploration aims to break.


Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this study is to

1. Determine the extent longhand is used in Union Bank of Nigeria Plc Enugu.

2. Determine problems essential in operation of longhand by these registers.

3. Find out whether the degree of operation justifies the sweats typically employed in the accession of the skill.

4. Find out whether a person without longhand skill can work effectively and efficiently as a clerk.

5. Make recommendations on how to make effective use of longhand in our services moment.


Delimitation Of The Study

The compass of this study is veritably wide if it has to be carried out in all Union Banks in Nigeria. The study is demarcated, grounded on the fact that there’s no time and material coffers to see to the whole nations. This study is demarcated to Enugu state only and the findings may not reflect the situation in the whole country. These findings may not be valid for the total of Union Banks in Nigeria, but, by and large, what happens in Union Bank in Enugu State can be said to apply to in other corridor of the country.


Significance Of The Study

This study will be of tremendous significance to different institutions of literacy in Nigeria to know the extent longhand chops are used in banks( union Bank).

The study will also be useful to the Federal Government of Nigeria in making healthy programs as regard the importation of largely automated in structural material for business scholars of out time.

Eventually, the study will also be veritably useful to different business associations in the country to appreciate the minimal use of registers with longhand skill for increased organizational productivity.


Exploration Questions

The following questions were made to guide the experimenter in this work.

1. What extent is longhand used in Union Bank of Nigeria PLC?

2. What problems do registers experience in using longhand in moment’s office?

3. Does the degree of longhand institutes the sweats employed in acquiring the chops?

4. Does a person without longhand skill work effectively and efficiently as a clerk in banks( union Bank)?

5. What are the possible recommendations to make in order to enhance the use of longhand in our services moment?


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