When a hospital’s targeted goal is not accomplished, there is an issue with health care providers, patients, or the broader public. In order to improve the patients’ health and keep them fitter as time goes on. The reason for such lapses must be determined, and a cure must be implemented in order for the hospital to meet its goals.

The nurses’ attitudes on relapse prevention among psychiatric patients in the Federal neuropsychiatric hospital Barnawa Kaduna were the subject of this study. The study’s goal and objectives are all geared toward finding long-term answers to this problem. It also seeks to actively involve the hospital’s management, particularly in the use of new and scientific approaches to holistic patient care. Interviews and questionnaires were used to collect data, which were portrayed in tabular form, bar charts, pie charts, and percentages. Nurses were used in the research. The information gathered was examined. The findings revealed that a variety of factors influence the likelihood of relapse.

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