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In Enugu Metropolis, a study named “The Effect of Advertising on Consumer Preference Patterns for Malt Drinks (A Comparative Study of Amstel Malta and Guinness Malta)” was conducted with the following goals.

Guinness Malta or Amstel Malta are being studied to see how advertising has influenced purchasing decisions.


To establish which brand of malt is more widely available than the others, as well as consumer demand for it.


To give recommendations for firms to follow in order to make more progress in bolding their brands, as well as to successfully please their customers and maximize profit.


To achieve the aforementioned goals, pertinent literature on consumer preference patterns for malt beverages was evaluated. In addition, to solve the research topic, primary and secondary data were collected, as well as questionnaires.

Consumers’ distributors, as well as management and necessary workers from both Guinness and Amstel Malta Companies in Enugu Metropolis, made up the study’s population.

Because the population under study was tiny, the researcher employed a census survey on management and relevant employees, while Topman’s formula was used to calculate the sample size for customers and distributors.


Tables, frequencies, and percentages were utilized to organize and show the data obtained, while the hypothesis was tested using the Z score.


The following conclusions were drawn from the data that was analyzed.


Consumers in Enugu claim that the price of Amstel is greater than the price of Guinness.


They also discovered that advertising aids in the promotion of both items.


Consumers are happier with advertisements that lead to purchases.

For efficient and effective goal achievement, both organizations should engage in effective advertising strategies and other promotional activities that appeal to consumers.

– Both companies should ensure that their items are always available.


– In order to attract more customers, Nigeria Breweries Plc should lower the price of their products.


– Guinness should investigate the type of advertising that encourages people to buy more of their product.


– If the above suggestions and recommendations are implemented effectively and efficiently, both companies will see a significant improvement in their advertising performance, and consumers will be better served.

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