The goal of this project was to determine how family planning can help Nigeria reduce its population growth in the Ovia North East Local Government Area by employing a case study of a specific village. The following research questions were established during the course of this study:

How well-versed are you in the field of family planning?

Is the general population still uninformed about family planning in today’s world?

What are the societal and personal consequences or barriers of family planning?

Is there any discrimination against women when it comes to family planning?

Has the use of family planning been properly promoted in the Ovia North East Local Government Area?

Is there anything the government can do?

The target audience was given a total of eighty (80) questionnaires. Although participants stated that they are aware of family planning, analysis of data received in the field was done using basic percentages to assess the research questions utilizing the questionnaire. However, based on these findings, it was deemed that something should be done to assist the program in achieving its objectives, and appropriate recommendations were made based on the findings.

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