With the exception of the 9/11 disaster, the top ten most expensive disasters in US history have all been natural disasters, five of which were hurricanes, and have all occurred since 1989. Why is there such a terrible plague in our homes? Ted Steinberg, an environmental historian, explains in Acts of God that much of the death and destruction has been well within human control. Natural Disaster Steinberg exposes the fallacy of viewing such disasters as random occurrences.

Beginning with the 1886 Charleston and 1906 San Francisco earthquakes and continuing to the present, Steinberg investigates the unnatural history of natural disasters, the decisions of business leaders and government officials that have paved the way for greater losses of life and property, particularly among the most vulnerable.

America’s poor, elderly, and minorities must bear such blows.

Natural Catastrophe Seeing nature or God as the primary perpetrator, according to Steinberg, has helped to conceal the fact that some Americans are better protected from nature’s violence than their counterparts lower down the socioeconomic ladder. Natural Catastrophe Acts of God is a must-hear call to action that is sure to spark debate. “A sobering lesson in humanity’s vulnerability to extreme weather events, particularly for impoverished farmers and urban poor.” -From the book review section of the Los Angeles Times. Natural Catastrophe


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