chapter One


1.1 Research background

AN ASSESSMENT OF MASS MEDIA AND THE MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN NIGERIA The political entity called Nigeria has gone from one form to another since independence. Especially in the case of military rulers who had to be governed by decree, overriding the constitution that guaranteed basic human rights to their citizens, Ellinas, A. (2010). It is clear that the foundation of a government serving the ultimate interests of the people will be shattered if the rights of the people are not guaranteed. And indeed, authoritarian rule does not serve human rights issues, and abuses have been documented time and time again, even in the wacky ways of the mass media. Although under a democratically elected government, this is the reason why the government and its subjects are better informed of their various privileges and limitations through the mass media, as mandated by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Media focus.Societies that fail to ensure that their citizens have basic human rights protected are not free in the true sense of the word, Cohen-Almagor, R. (2001).

Mass media has always been the channel through which human rights violations are exposed. But sometimes it is very difficult for the mainstream media to deal with human rights violations because of tribal or religious sentiments or outright interference with property, says Henny, L. (2012). In such cases, unfortunately, citizens whose rights have been violated lose out. Mass media must be able to effectively deal with issues of human rights violations unfolding in society. Henny, L. (2012). Given that they largely set the agenda for public discourse. Must be able to distinguish between what should be known and what should be known. AN ASSESSMENT OF MASS MEDIA AND THE MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN NIGERIA

1.3 Purpose of the survey

1. The purpose of this study is to examine the extent to which the mainstream media has covered human rights abuses in Nigeria.

ii. is intended to outline the sequence of treatment of human rights violations by the mass media;

iii. The purpose of this study is to examine whether religious and ethical considerations are involved in the way Nigerian mainstream media treats cases of human rights violations.

IV. Finally, it is important to examine whether the property factor plays a role in managing human rights violations in Nigeria.

1.4 Research question

The various questions that this survey seeks to answer are:

Me. Could the mainstream media address human rights violations in Nigeria? ii. Are reports of human rights violations censored?

iii. How have government policies affected reports of human rights violations?

IV. Are religious and ethnic factors responsible for the management of Nigerian mass media organizations?

v. Is Nigerian mass media coverage free?

If you can answer these questions honestly, you can be sure that your professionalism is on the rise. It would have been, like the various problems that have plagued the profession. Repaired; thus contributing to objective and balanced reporting of human rights abuses in Nigeria.

1.5 Importance of research

The purpose of this study is to promote the benefits of effective human rights administration through the Nigerian mass media. In addition, it will increase the knowledge of various mainstream media actors on their role in effectively and effectively reporting human rights violations in Nigeria. Also, mass his owners are now informed how to limit their interference with news coverage.

1.6 Scope of investigation

This study assesses mass media and human rights management in Nigeria. 1.7 Research Limitations

There were no constraints on this research work. The most notable of these was the collection of materials for work. It was a long process and was not helped by the unchallenging or uncooperative attitude of some of the staff at the media houses we visited.

Another limitation was time. Due to other classes and homework, the time was short and I could not get enough materials. Financial bottlenecks didn’t help. Finances really limited the scope of my convergence because I wasn’t able to move muc


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