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A siren is a gadget that makes a loud noise. Civil defense sirens are placed in strategic locations to warn of natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks all have sirens. There are two sorts of sirens in general:

1st Siren (Pneumatic)

2-Sirens (Electronic)

Many fire sirens (which are used to summon volunteer fire fighters) also act as tornado or civil defense sirens, warning an entire town of oncoming danger. The majority of fire sirens are positioned on the roof of a fire station or on a pole next to it. Fire sirens can also be installed on or near government buildings, big structures like water towers, and in fire alarm systems. “Fire whistles,” “fire alarms,” and “fire horns” are all common names for fire sirens. Although there is no standard for fire siren signaling, some use codes to advise fire fighters of the fire’s location. To avoid confusing the public with the usual civil defense signals of alert (steady tone) and attack (slow wail), civil defense sirens that double as fire sirens commonly create an alternating “hi-b” signal (similar to a British police car) as the fire signal, or a slow wail (often 3x) (fast wavering tone). Fire sirens, often known as “noon sirens” or “noon whistles,” are usually sounded once a day at noon.
The Pneumatic Siren is made out of a revolving disk with holes in it that allow the material between the holes to pass through. This project’s main goal is to implement Electronic Siren in both software and hardware forms. We will learn how to design PCBs and how to use Proteus software effectively. All of these things will be learned by the end of this assignment. Electronic Sirens are electronic sound signal amplifiers with excellent performance. These sirens have significantly greater outputs, and they are subjected to specific demands in terms of required extreme reliability and various control systems. Furthermore, control infrastructure must be dependable, and two independent control channels are typically necessary.
The loudspeakers for these amplifiers are installed in specially built sound battles, and they play the signals recorded in the siren’s digital memory or signals fed through the siren’s digital memory. With these devices, you can add an external signal source. It also has improved automatic testing. It is easily implemented at a user-friendly level. It will be a huge benefit to the workers in the sector.

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