Voltage is a fundamental variable that affects every aspect of electrical engineering, from power systems to VLSI chip voltage. Of The requirement to measure a supply’s output voltage is critical in the meantime. A voltmeter is a device that measures voltage, which can be digital or direct. In addition, the rectification of alternating voltage using a diode makes it easier to monitor ac voltages.

The necessity for modernity, however, necessitates the use of a computer to view the voltage output in either graphical or numerical form. The topic “Ac voltmeter design and construction” is introduced in the first chapter. The use of a computer interface” The second chapter is devoted to the work’s literature study, in which all of the works.



A voltmeter is a device that measures voltages of direct or alternating electric current on a scale usually measured in volts, millivolts (0.00V), or kilovolts (1000 volts). The type of commercial or laboratory standard voltmeter in use is likely to use an electromechanically mechanism to measure current flow. A readout of voltage is obtained by turning wire turns. Other types of voltmeters use electrostatic forces and are only voltmeters that detect voltage directly rather than through current effect. The potentiometer works by comparing the observed voltage to a known voltage. The electronic voltmeter, which has essentially superseded the vacuum – tube voltmeter, employs amplification or reification (or both) to measure either alternating or constant voltages.

However, technological advancements have forced the employment of a computer to manage the voltmeter’s output. The display of the voltage being read is viewed on the monitor in this case. His sort of display could be graphical or numerical, but the most common is numerical, which is accomplished through a sequence of microcontroller switching actions that govern the internal flow at the analog inputs.

Meanwhile, one cannot discuss the computer controlled ac voltmeter without first describing the Analog to Digital (AD) converter, which has many levels of complexity. One of the easiest tests is to apply a known analog input voltage to the converter and utilize LEDS.

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