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A mega fueling station gets its name from the word MEGA, which meaning “big.” This means that a mega filling station is a large-scale gasoline station that sells a variety of fuels. The NNPC MEGA FILLING STATION throughout Nigeria’s several states is a good example. Each NNPC MEGA FILLING STATION has twenty fuel dispensers, with twenty-eight fuel dispenser pumps in Abuja.

When it comes to power, a MEGA FILLING STATION’s electrical design and installation requirements are critical. This project includes an architectural design, an electrical design, a legend, a load chart/balancing, and a fuse arrangement to illustrate the electrical design and installation requirements for a MEGA FILLING STATION.



The invention of internal engines resulted in the current demand for fuel usage. As the number of people who own cars has grown, so has the demand for gas stations. A filling station is a fuel station where motorists, cyclists, industrial fuel users, commercial fuel users, and domestic fuel users purchase various types of fuel for consumption. Three key fuels stand out at these outlets: PREMIUM SPIRIT (PMS), DIESEL (AGO), and KEROSENE (DPK). Premium spirit is used by motorists with specially developed engines, diesel is used by diesel-engine autos, and kerosene is primarily utilized by household users in their various homes.

In 2007, the United Kingdom has 9,271 gas stations, down from almost 18,000 in 1992. According to the census of 2000, the United States has 12, 446 filling stations (gas stations). In Canada, the number has dropped to around 14,000 people. The number of stations in the following countries is increasing. Turkey has 12,139 fuel stations (2008), South Africa has 8,200 petrol stations (2008), Kenya has 1,300 petrol stations, Tazania has 1000, and Malawi has 500 [source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia].

As the global demand for gasoline rises, the necessity for more filling stations of various sorts and sizes will become unavoidable. As a result of these developments, the term “MEGA FILLING STATION” has become a generic term for a variety of filling stations that sell gasoline to the general public. Others may call theirs MINI, MEDIUM, or any other name they like, based on their goals as oil traders around the world. The MEGA FILLING STATION is of particular significance to us here.”

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