In particular, this study focused on Ibeno Beach in the Ibeno Local Government Area to determine whether tourism development in Akwa Ibom State increases internally generated revenue. Three research questions and two research hypotheses were developed to direct the study in order to meet this goal. The primary sources from which the data were gathered. The respondents in the Ibeno local government area completed a well-structured, two-part questionnaire that was used to collect the primary data. Tables and straightforward percentages were used to analyze the data collected in order to analyze the research questions, and SPSS statistical software’s Chi-square statistical tool was used to test the research hypotheses. According to the study, Akwa Ibom State’s tourism industry and economic growth are significantly related.  and there is a strong correlation between socioeconomic development and the amount of tourism-related revenue. The study’s conclusions included some recommendations for the government to adopt in order to grow the Nigerian tourism industry.


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