Background to the Study

According to Professor Emmanuel Ofeme, in Owerri, while delivering the 2nd Sam Okwaraji Memorial Lecture, published by Chimaobi Uchendu in the Sun News online sports on Friday, September 19, 2008, he stated that, unlike Vision 2010, which was collaborative in its formulation and comprehensive in its articulation in scope, Vision 2020 is only a single track, very large organization, but low to change and interest of the people type of development strategy for the people.

This is the model of the financial system strategy (FSS, 2020). Its main goal is to make Nigeria one of the top 20 most developed economies in the world by 2020.

Nigeria’s former Central Bank

(CBN) Governor Professor Charles Soludo is the source and author of this grand vision 2020, which he recorded in 2007, and has identified educational reforms, among other things, as critical to its realization.

In this article, the Health Education as a paradigm for achieving Vision 2020 goals in the Nigerian nation demonstrates when, what, where, and how knowledge of Health Education can effectively facilitate the achievement of the Vision 2020 goals.

And, referring to the National Policy of Education, or objective, Section 1, subsection 4(a), which states, Education is an instrument for national development; to that end, the formulation of ideas, their integration for national development, and interaction of persons and ideas are all aspects of education. This means that the

A nation’s education will produce better citizens, individuals who are mostly self-sufficient and can contribute and make decisions for the benefit of their country and themselves. And a country where people can live effectively and healthily will be easily developed by providing health instruction and education to its citizens.

According to an excerpt from Dr. P.S. Dakum’s Keynote Address in the Nigeria Journal of Health Education (NJHE), Vol. 15, No. 1, 2005, health in relation to education is critical to the development and advancement of the Nigerian economy. Only those Nigerians who are educated can continue the country’s economic progress. However, to have a good education for

To achieve meaningful development, all Nigerians must be healthy.

However, according to the above-mentioned reference, poor health will result in poor education. To emphasize my point, in order to effectively realize the goals of Vision 2020 through the use of health education, the government and people of Nigeria must use Health Education tools such as access to good roads, building health care centers, and providing adequate drugs, as well as involving technocrats as administrators in various ministries, etc.

Statement of the Issue

The Nigerian economy is underdeveloped and impoverished, as evidenced by the constant siphoning of the country’s wealth to foreign banks by incompetent leaders.

Insecurity of lives and property, egregious misbehavior, and

Corruption at the highest levels, including law enforcement and the police.

The problems to be addressed are bad leadership and other existing unhealthy situations that have hampered the development of this country.

The Goal of the Research

The manner in which Nigerians can be educated about their health and other health-related issues in order to achieve a high standard of living. This project work entails tremendous advancement of the nation’s economy, with the goal of placing it among the top 20 economies in the world by 2020.

Research Issues

1. How can Vision 2020 goals be achieved in Igbogene-Epie by utilizing Health Education tools?

2. Are the Vision 2020 goals distinct from the necessary developmental changes in Nigeria?

3. Is the peace maintained?

What distinguishes the security of lives and property in this country?

4. Is judicial independence distinct from good leadership in Nigeria?


1. There is no discernible difference between achieving Vision 2020 goals with Health Education tools and achieving all-important development in Igbogene- Epie.

2. There is no discernible difference between the goals of Vision 2020 and the developmental changes required in Igbogene- Epie.

3. There is no discernible difference between national peace and the safety of people and property.

4. In Igbogene-Epe, there is no significant difference between judicial independence and good leadership.

The Importance of the Research

This project is expected to assist Nigerians in adhering to the proper norms in order to develop a healthy nation.


acquaint us with the message of vision 2020 developmental strategy and address us with the significance of Health Management, and how to develop Igbogene- Epie. by the vision 2020 standards, from the health education perspective.

We will agree that effective health education in this country is capable of bringing about a reform attitude by the government and people of Nigeria in order to achieve its national objectives.

Because no meaningful development can take place in a country riddled with strife, the well-being, safety, and security of people and property are critical to cooperative existence, national equity, and justice. Nigeria has always had a problem with bad and failed leadership.

As a result, the purpose of this project work is to suggest a possible path to national economic development. As all Nigerians will attest

In a free and democratic society, you can be free. Section 1, subsection 3 of the National Philosophy and Policy on Education (a). And now for Charles Soludo’s significance. Vision 2020, education and democracy in Nigeria: According to Sadiq A. Abdullahi’s Vision 2020, published on January 23, 2007, education is the best alternative for national stability, security, unity, and prosperity. John Dewey in the same excerpt in the early 20th century believes that “democracy was important not only because it stood for freedom and equality but because of its educational consequences”.

The Study’s Scope

According to Charles Soludo’s Vision 2020 plans, this study will cover all health and health-related issues to Nigeria’s development, with the goal of bringing the Nigerian economy into the top 20 most developed economies in the world.

by the year 2020.

However, the research objectives anticipate the necessary developmental changes in Nigeria, which are critical to the country’s economic growth.

This development strategy, which is based on Charles Soludo’s Vision 2020 strategy, is based on extensive research that spans the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It describes the process of moving Nigeria forward as well as the challenges that face the country’s economic development.

It emphasizes the significance of Health Education as a communicative subject, necessary for the individual as a person, as well as for every individual as a member of the community, for Nigerians’ health appraisals, in order to carry out effective development while considering the welfare of individuals and the entire nation as a single identity.


The issue of safety and security of lives and properties is also addressed in the research, where the persistent crime rate can be effectively reduced. It is also concerned with issues such as how to solve the leadership problem and how to establish an independent judiciary in Nigeria for good leadership.

Using the Health Education approach, therefore, the all-needed development of Nigeria, such as the Vision 2020 strategic plan, is envisaged by this research, so that, according to the national policy on education 2004, Nigeria becomes a free and democratic society, a just and egalitarian society, a united, strong, and self-reliant nation, a great and dynamic economy, and a land full of bright opportunities for all citizens.

to 2020, of becoming one of the world’s top 20 developed economies by 2020.


The project focused primarily on the impact of using Health Education tools in Nigeria on the achievement of Vision 2020 developmental goals.

My research interests include Mechanical Engineering, Health, Environmental Education and Human Kinetics, and Computer Science.

And the main focus would be on a sample of respondents from the University of Benin’s 200 level.


A project of this magnitude cannot be completed without constraints.

Some of them include the inability to obtain ready-made textbooks that cover issues related to the Vision 2020 developmental strategy and plan. As a result, the majority of the materials were obtained via the internet. And then there’s the issue of

There was also incompatibility, a web log, and a jam.

One of the major impediments to the project’s effectiveness was the issue of time, and financial constraints severely limited its scope.

Term Definitions

Planning: An arrangement of things to do in order to accomplish something that has been thoroughly thought out in advance.

Corruption is defined as dishonest or illegal behavior, particularly by people in positions of authority.

Leadership: The ability to lead or the qualities that a good leader should have.

Stability: The quality or state of being consistent and unchanging.

Organization: The quality of being neat, careful, and logically organized.

Impoverish: To reduce the quality of something.

A paradigm is a common example or pattern of something.

Vision 2020: A Strategic Plan and Vision Professor Charles Soludo’s dream of putting Nigeria’s economy among the 20 leading economies in the world by 2020.


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